Samsung is reportedly involved in bidding for Nokia Health

On the other side, is Google and two other European firms

Samsung logo on wall

Earlier this week, news came out that Nest, via parent companies Google and Alphabet, was working towards an acquisition of Nokia’s Health division.

At the time, French publication Les Echos was reporting that, in addition to Nest, three other companies were involved in negotiations with Nokia. According to Les Echos, two of the companies were from Europe, while the final is based outside of the EU.

According to a new report from Le Monde, the fourth, non-European company involved in bidding is Samsung.

The publication adds that the eventual buyer is likely to pay less than the €170 million Nokia paid to acquired Withings in the first place. Like Les Echos, Le Monde is also reporting that the French government would prefer if Nokia were to sell the division to a local company.   

It makes a lot of sense that Samsung would be interested in Nokia Health. The South Korean consumer electronics giant manufactures both fitness wearables like the Gear Fit 2 Pro and smart home devices through its SmartThings brand. The addition of Nokia Health’s product portfolio would be a natural fit for Samsung.

Of course, the company still has to win the bid, which means the future of Nokia Health is still in anyone’s hands.

Source: Le Monde Via: Android Authority