Nintendo labo replacement parts start at $2.49 in Canada

Nintendo is aware that cardboard isn't the most durable material

Nintendo Labo launched today and there has been some speculation related to how durable the game’s cardboard sets actually are.

Luckily for those interested in Labo, replacement parts start at $2.49 CAD.

Nintendo only sells Labo in $90 and $100 kits, but if some of those pieces break there is an option to buy replacements on the Nintendo Store website. 

Some of the replacement packages are full kits like the piano and the RC car, which cost $16 and $4, respectively.

The more complex sets are split into smaller replacement packages. There are seven different cardboard packages for the robot kit ranging from $7.49 to $17.49.

While it’s not as good as being able to order just the exact part you need, it’s reassuring to know that Nintendo is looking out for people that break or lose parts of their Labo kits.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Labo game can be purchased without the full kits, so anyone thinking of buying cheap replacement parts and just playing a single Labo session, are out of luck.

Source: Nintendo