Netflix rolls out 30 second mobile previews on iOS

Netflix is trying to make it easier to find something to watch

Netflix is launching short 30 second TV and movie trailers in its iOS app today.

In a press release, Netflix says the aim of the trailers is to make it easer for users to find stuff to watch within its expansive library of content.

The previews work a lot like Snapchat and Instagram stories. When the phone is oriented vertically, users can scroll through  a variety of trailers, tapping on the ones they want to view.

These previews are tailored to each user’s tastes; when the user sees something that they like, they can tap to add it to their list or to start watching it right away.

The mobile-exclusive feature is currently only available on iOS. It will come to Android in the future.

Last year, Netflix added trailer previews to its desktop and TV app.

Netflix is currently rolling out mobile trailers to iOS devices gradually. While waiting for the feature to arrive on your iPhone, check out MobileSyrup’s roundup of all the shows and movies Netflix Canada is adding to its library in April.

Source: Netflix