Public Mobile offers limited-time $10 plan with 50 minutes, 50 texts

A strong offer for low-usage customers

Public Mobile website

Telus’ prepaid sub-brand Public Mobile is offering a new limited-time $10 plan that’s enticing low-usage customers.

The deal, which popped up on Red Flag Deals, offers 50 minutes and 50 texts for $10 per month, $8 with automatic payment set up.

It also features call display and voicemail, though calling voicemail deducts from the monthly minutes.

Many users stated that the plan is ideal for the seniors or children in their lives, who will generally use their device on Wi-Fi but may occasionally need a few minutes or texts to keep in touch with family.

It should also be noted that referrals can potentially bring the line to $0, since each successful referral reduces the plan by $1.

As it stands, this offer is one of the lowest cost ways to keep an active mobile phone line. SpeakOut 7-Eleven Wireless allows users to keep an account active for a year on just a $25 top-up, though much of that will be eaten up by 911 fees, leaving very little for actual calls or texts.

Public’s sibling brand, Koodo, offers unlimited international text and picture messaging for $15 per 30 days.

Source: Public Mobile