Google will soon let users set expiry dates on emails in Gmail

It looks like Gmail is revamping email privacy as well

Gmail on a smartphone

Google seems to be gearing up to bring a variety of features to Gmail.

A new leak shows off the ability to add expiry dates to emails on the service, among other changes.

According to reports from TechCrunch, there will soon be a new lock-shaped button added to the compose screen called ‘Confidential Mode’ that blocks other users from forwarding, copying, downloading and printing.

With all these added security functions, users can also configure the expiration date of an email so that it will disappear after a week, month or even after a few years.

Users can also set it so the recipient needs to confirm their identity before they can open the email by inputting a password that’s sent via text message.

TechCrunch also reported that while a number of these security features did work, like no printing or copying, they were still able to take screenshots of the protected emails.

It is also still unconfirmed if these features will work with non-Gmail accounts or if they will only apply to Gmail users.

This leak comes a few days after another leak showed off a new design for Gmail’s web client.

Source: TechCrunch