Apple starts selling ‘Space Gray’ iMac accessories in Canada at $30 price bump

A $30 upgrade over the silver versions

When Apple launched the iMac Pro at the end of 2017, many were surprised to find out that the sleek space grey keyboard,  mouse and trackpad that shipped with the high-end computer, were not available for purchase separately.

That has finally changed with Apple.ca now stocking the accessories as an alternative colouring option for the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad.

While these colours are a welcome addition to anyone who wanted darker Apple accessories, the prices somewhat higher than the default silver options.

The silver keyboard is $169 while the ‘Space Gray’ variant is $199. The silver mouse is $99 and its alternate colour is priced at $129. Finally the silver trackpad is $169 and the darker colour is $199. This makes each ‘Space Gray’ device an extra $30 on top of the standard silver version.

The only iMac pro specific accessory that doesn’t seem to be in the store is the black Lighting cable that’s used to charge the mouse.

While unconfirmed there is a chance that it may come with the space grey version of the Magic mouse or trackpad.

Source: Apple