Lithium-sulfur battery technology could improve battery life in devices

Another step towards making devices last longer

samsung galaxy s8 teardown battery

Researchers at the University of Dallas at Texas have developed a new high-powered and environmentally safe battery out of lithium-sulfur components instead of lithium-ion.

Most people want their phones to last longer than they do and according to a report from the journal Nature Nanotechnology, lithium-sulfur might just be the way to do it.

Some of the advantages of these new batteries are that they’re cheaper to make, are lighter in weight and can store more energy than lithium-ion batteries. However, this technology is not without its disadvantages. Lithium-sulfur doesn’t last as long as established battery technology because sulfur is a poor conductor of electricity, meaning that it can only be charged a few times before it becomes unstable.

The researchers may have found a way around this by coating the sulfur atoms in a metallic material called molybdenum. This process has greatly improved the stability of Lithium-sulfur batteries and is a step in the right direction to making these types of batteries more commercially viable.

Source: Phys.org