Skype makes it easier to plan group adventures with new integrations from TripAdvisor and StubHub

The feature is already available on Android, iOS and Mac

TripAdvisor is one of the new add-ons for Skype

Skype is making it easier to plan your next adventure with your friends.

With the help of the video chat app’s add-in functionality and new integrations from TripAdvisor and StubHub, Skype users can now pull information directly from those two platforms into their group chats.

In the case of TripAdvisor, users can pick a destination, and then search for restaurants, hotels and activities in the area all without leaving Skype. To start the process, press the ‘Add to chat’ button and select TripAdvisor from the list of add-ins.

StubHub integration works much the same way, allowing Skype users to add an upcoming concert or event to their group chat, complete with location, date and pricing information. Once a StubHub link is added to a chat, tapping on it will allow chat participants to view the event and buy tickets.

Provided you can get past Skype’s oft-criticized recent redesign, these new integrations seem like a nifty way to organize your next outing.

TripAdvisor and StubHub group chat integration is available now on the Android and iOS Skype apps. The new integrations are also available on Skype for Mac, with Windows 10 support set to roll out soon.

Source: Skype