Skype’s new mobile app design draws the ire of its users


  • Daniel Szilagyi

    Aww looks like MS wanted Skype to play with the big boys like Instagram and Snapchat and ruined the user experience by adding things in that don’t really belong.
    They should have re-tooled it to make it work better for business and stick to minor UI improvements

  • Brad Fortin

    People still use Skype voluntarily?

    • Andrew Holt

      It’s the only app professional users are able to take seriously. Snapchat and instagram are geared towards millennials who want to gossip about the latest pop culture celeb. Skype is to goto for Business and professional users.

  • Omar

    The old Skype was nice, simple and quick to use. It put usability ahead of unnecessary features and design. The new Skype is quite frankly ugly. It’s trying to be other apps, rather than itself. Why do we need another Snapchat clone? Dear Microsoft… If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it… Way to shoot yourself in the foot.

    Now is the chance for Google to really push duo/hangouts/the other half a dozen messaging apps they develop to try and take some users away from Skype.

  • gommer strike

    This is the problem when companies change something for change’s sake and makes it worse. Twitch for iOS also falls into this category with their latest update. An in-general inferior user experience with of course introduction of embarrassing bugs teaches a lesson to everyone – from users to future developers – what not to do.

  • Canadiana Jones

    I was wondering why my elderly mother-in-law has completely switched to Viber all of the sudden. Now I know why.