Nintendo reveals Reigns, Mark of the Ninja, Fantasy Strike and more are coming to the Switch


During the Japanese gaming giant’s 11-minute “Nindies Showcase’ event, Nintendo showed off a number of upcoming indie games for the Switch.

One of the more notable titles set to hit the console is Vancouver-based Klei Entertainment’s Mark of the Ninja (fall) and Reigns (spring), a kingdom ruling game of which I’m particularly fond.

Also coming to the Switch are Fantasy Strike (summer), Just Shapes & Beats (later this year), Bomb Chicken (summer), Light Fall (spring), West of Loathing (spring), The Messenger (summer), Pode (spring), Pool Panic (later this year), Bad North (summer) and The Banner Saga 1 to 3 (1-2 are coming “soon,” while 3 is set to launch this “summer.”)

The trailer above gives a quick look at all the games set to come to the home console-portable hybrid device.