Google’s new ‘Just a Line’ AR experiment app lets you doodle in the air

Augmented reality is undeniably cool and fascinating.

Whether or not it has a practical purpose yet is still up for debate.

Taking a page from its Tilt Brush 3D drawing app for the HTC Vive VR headset, Google has turned a recent AR experiment into a full-fledged Android ARCore app called Just a Line.

The app is based on Jonas Jongejan’s ARCore drawing experiment. It allows users to create simple augmented reality drawings in 3D space. The process is a little difficult to describe, so if that last sentence doesn’t make sense to you, take a look at Google’s trailer for the app above.

Just a Line is simple to use and only requires the user to draw with their finger on the phone’s screen. You’re able to draw white lines of various shapes that stay in place as you move around them — think the Pixel’s various AR stickers, but as simple doodles you actually create.

Videos of your creation can also be recorded and shared, though for some reason photos can’t be captured — though it’s possible to grab video screenshots.

Just a Line

It’s fascinating that Google was able to create a tiny, not quite as good version of Tilt Brush for Pixel devices. After briefly testing out the app, I was surprised at how easy it is to use and how great the resulting images look.

Your AR drawings really do sit firmly in place as you move around them in the real-world. That said, the experience is glitchy, especially if you aren’t able to keep your phone steady.

If you’re interested in checking out the surprisingly cool app and own an ARCore compatible smartphone, you can find Just a Line in Google’s Play Store.

Source: Google