Allo web app may soon work independently without phone connection

An update to take the confusion out of Allo on the web

Google Allo app

Allo, Google’s texting app, will soon get an update that makes it easier to use on the web.

Allo is an AI-powered messaging app that launched in the fall of 2016 and supports modern features like end-to-end encryption, Google Assistant and smart replies.

As a mobile-first app, Allo began by supporting iOS and Android, and was soon followed by a web app in the summer of 2017.

The main issue with the web app is that it relies on the Allo app on your phone to be running for it to send and receive messages. The web app works by mirroring the Allo app on your phone, making it unusable if your device doesn’t have the Allo app running.

On March 8th Google developer Justin Uberti confirmed that the Allo team was in the process of updating the app to support “completely independent devices.”

That means Allo may soon get a back-end system that uses the cloud to deliver messages to all devices that can run Allo, instead of just to a phone that then relays the messages to the web app.

Source: Twitter  Via: Android Police