The PlayStation 4’s big 5.50 update is now available

The update adds new parental controls and a supersampling mode to the PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro

After being in beta since February 6th, Sony’s big 5.50 update for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) is now available.

The mandatory update weighs in at 460MB and brings new features to the console’s operating system.

With 5.50, Sony has added a new system-wide supersampling mode option to the PS4 Pro. This mode allows users without a 4K TV to get a better visual experience when playing games on their HDTV. When enabled, the PS4 Pro will render games at the best possible resolution it can manage and then shrink the image down to fit an HDTV, leading to a sharper final image.

Moreover, all PS4 consoles now have a ‘Play Time Management’ feature, which allows parents t0 set a time limit on how long their children can be on the console. The console will send an notification to the child when their playtime is about to end.

In addition, the update lets users import images via USB in order to create custom wallpapers.

Sony also added two tabs to the console’s library which makes it easier to see specific apps that users have purchased and installed on their console.

Another feature lets users hide specific apps in the purchased tab. This lets users hide apps or demos they don’t want to show up in their library.

Lastly, there’s an update to the quick menu that allows users to access custom friends lists. This makes it easier to see who is online immediately.

In other PS4 news, this month’s PlayStation Plus free games are Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank.