Android P Developer Preview 1 now available for Pixel and Pixel 2 devices

Factory images are available starting today

The first version of Android P 9.0, referred to internally as Pistachio Ice Cream, is now available through the Developer Preview 1.

For now, it’s a work-in-progress; not everything that will be in the final version of Android P is included and there are bugs aplenty — but it’s a start.

For the time being, trying Android P means downloading and installing a factory image. In a statement to The Verge, a spokesperson for Google said the company will release an official beta once the OS gets “closer to a final product”.

Check out MobileSyrup‘s guide on how to install a factory image here.

Although it’s still very early days for Android P, commits to the Android Open Source Project have revealed some of what Google is planning to include in Android 9.0.

A few of those features include support for iPhone X-style notches that are becoming popular with Android devices, the prevention of idle background apps from recording via microphone and support of foldable displays.

There also might be support for blocking calls from unknown and private numbers, as well as support for using your phone as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.