Android P might support blocking calls from unknown and private numbers

Android P might feature enhanced call blocking features that let you restrict what types of numbers are allowed to call you.

A recent set of commits in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code review tool from a Sony engineer shows the ability to block calls from unknown numbers, private numbers, pay phones or any numbers not in a user’s contact list.

Currently, users can block calls on a per-number basis, meaning they have to know the number they want to block before they can block it. This allows for blocking before the user gets bothered in the first place. As of right now, that’s possible through third-party apps, though those often raise privacy concerns.

XDA Developers spotted the commits, noting that though the changes haven’t been merged with AOSP yet, a Googler reviewing the change stated they were “very much in favor of this change as a whole.”

Recent AOSP activity has also revealed possible native iris scanner support, privacy tweaks such as blocking camera and microphone access from idle apps.

Source: AOSP Via: XDA Developers