Twitter users can now bookmark tweets for later use

Twitter has also reworked its sharing menu

Twitter app on iPhone X

Starting today, Twitter users have a much easier way of saving their favourite tweets.

In one of those “Why didn’t someone think of this idea earlier?” moments, Twitter is adding a bookmarking feature to its popular social media platform.

Available on the Twitter app for iOS and Android, as well as on Twitter Lite and through the platform web’s client, the company’s new share icon (more on that in just a moment) allows users to bookmark a tweet for later use.

Once bookmarked, tweets can be found in the “Bookmarks” section located within the platform’s profile menu.

Twitter's new Share functionality

Twitter is also introducing enhancements to the platform’s sharing features. A reworked share icon allows users to send tweets to other Twitter users via direct message, share a tweet on a variety of other platforms and bookmark a tweet, all in one place.

A GIF of Twitter's bookmarks functionality in action

“Saving and sharing Tweets is a big part of the experience for many Twitter users and these updates will give us all more versatility,” said Leanne Gibson, acting managing director of Twitter Canada, in an emailed statement to MobileSyrup. “We hear about these kind of features consistently from Canadian users and especially now with so much premium video and unique content on Twitter, these updates will allow for the best of Twitter to be seen more often, both on and off platform.”

Users previously had to either like tweets or direct message them to their own accounts in order to save them, neither of which was ideal.

Twitter started testing bookmarking late last year.

More details on Twitter’s new bookmarking functionality can be found on the platform’s help centre.