Video game developers like the Nintendo Switch a lot, says GDC survey

Nintendo Switch

This has been a huge year for Nintendo.

While many developers were skeptical of the Switch when it was first revealed, it seems the majority have warmed up to Nintendo’s home-portable hybrid console, according to a new GDC survey.

Nearly 4,000 polled developers say that have an interest in the Switch. When asked, thirty-six percent of respondents placed Nintendo’s console as the platform for which they were most interested in creating games. By comparison, only 28 percent said they interested in developing for the Xbox One, with 39 percent leaning towards the PlayStation 4, and 59 percent looking to the PC.

Furthermore, 23 percent of developers say that their games sell as well (23 percent) or in some cases better (28 percent) on the Switch than on other consoles. This stat is particularly interesting given that the Switch has a smaller install base when compared to both the Xbox One and PS4.

The survey also revealed other statistics, including the fact that 12 percent of developers say they’re currently creating games for the platform. Finally, 15 percent of developers state that they plan to release their next game for the system, compared to just five percent back in 2017.

While the Nintendo Switch has sold exceedingly well, hitting the 10 million consoles sold worldwide and becoming the fastest selling video game console of all time in Canada, the system’s second year will be integral to its future success. Nintendo consoles have a history of selling well for their first six to twelve months on the market, before dipping in sales considerably.

If Nintendo is able to maintain this momentum, the system will likely have a great second year.

The full results of the study are available at this link.

Nintendo recently announced new DIY cardboard toys for the Switch called Labo.

Source: GDC