Plex VR lets you virtually watch movies with your friends

Plex is joining the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming platforms in the VR ring, and it’s got a few neat tricks to help the platform stand out from the crowd.

Plex VR is separate from Plex’s primary video and media platform, though users will use the same account to log into both. This allows you to play any media linked to your Plex account, or simply access local media from your phone itself.

Additionally, users are not required to have a Plex Pass premium subscription in order to use the VR functions, though premium account holders do have exclusive access to the multitude of social features that make the app so enticing.

Plex Pass users are able to invite up to three friends to join them in a virtual theatre (one of many unique environments, including a living room, drive-in, or even outer space), even if the guests don’t have premium accounts. If the host has sharing enabled, they can even access any of the media saved on their guests’ accounts.

These virtual theatres feature interactive objects like popcorn tubs and custom DVD sleeves for your media, the latter of which allows you to quickly switch between shows/movies on the fly without having to go through a menu. Users will be able to freely voice chat with other people in their theatre, represented by custom avatars.

You can download the app for free on the Google Play Store.

Source: Android Authority