Google is looking into Android 8.1 Pixel and Pixel 2 lockscreen swiping issue


  • Smanny

    Then sent out an update recently to the Pixels.

    • Norm Dill

      If they did it hasn’t hit me yet or didn’t work, the problem described persists.

  • Terry Mitchell

    I have the swiping issue on my 6P. I’ll wait for an official fix.

  • Norm Dill

    Yes, In have existences this on my pixel. It also occurs with gestures to scroll freshly loaded web pages in Chrome. It was not present in 8.0 but is in 8.1. extremely annoying.

  • yepperz

    Both my wife and I have pixel 2 and our issues are similar however the problem only occurs when the alarm is going off. It will not let us move the alarm to the right I think for disarm and left for snooze.
    We have to pull down from the notification bar..


  • Martin Shaff

    Just got a 51mb update to my pixel 2 XL. I really didn’t have any of the issues before though.