$49/8GB and $56/10GB Koodo, Virgin Mobile and Fido promos continue in Quebec


  • Techguru86

    It’ll come back , clearly freedom is hurting them hard, they have to compete somehow

    • Sidney

      I have a feeling it might come back as a Boxing Day deal.

  • Mathieu O.

    All I want for Christmas is 2GB of data for less than 40$.

    • Anaron

      2GB for $20, 4GB for $30, 6GB for $40, 8GB for $50 and 10GB for $60 would be ideal.

    • dsp4

      Agreed. Although I feel like 20$ for 2GB is still expensive, not everyone needs 10GB. In a perfect world I’d like to see $5/GB flex plans. Not so long ago it seemed like the way the market was headed. Kinda sad that it sounds like wishful thinking these days.

    • LeeM

      Check out zoomer wireless. Runs off of rogers network and they have unadvertised promo of 2gb for 36$ but with a 2 year contract and a free phone that most people end up selling.

  • alexb88

    Koodo is 9 GB for $54, not 10 GB.

  • Lloyd Willett

    Koodo is 5gb +1gb = 6 + extra 2gbs bonus =8gbs $49

  • Lloyd Willett

    I would love to get 4gb of data for $40 Just for listening to music on the internet

  • Sidney

    I live in QC and I switched from Fido to Virgin because Virgin’s additional data doesn’t expire after 24 months.

    • fmradio68

      The best deal is now with Virgin if its permanent.

  • eckndu

    I’m with koodo $49 5+1GB, but I do not see the new plan when I choose change my plan. Am I not qualified for new plans? What exactly is a renewing customer when there’s no contract with koodo?

    • Edwin L.

      Yea, I have that plan and I wanna know how I can change to the 8gb!

  • Freakx

    Nice to see deals continue but this is sort of a non story as QC always has more competitive deals, they have had better deals over Ontario for years.

  • Ben Appleby

    Atlantic Canada?!? Will we ever see any of these promos? I see articles every day now about how Canada is getting more competitive with these deals. The west and Ontario are. Quebec always has great deals. That’s not Canada. Why are 4 of the provinces consistently discriminated against by the big 3?

    • molly

      Exactly I live in Nova Scotia and was told we did not qualify here!

    • dsp4

      Deals used to be good in QC, but prices have been skyrocketing in the last few years. I’m grandfathered in a $15/3GB plan, but I recently shopped with my father for a new plan and prices have essentially doubled.

      Home Internet prices have fallen massively since the CRTC took matters in hand last year. Maybe it’s time for them to take care of wireless carriers too.

    • Emil

      What? I don’t recall ever seeing $15/3gb. Unless it’s the fido tablet plan.

    • dsp4

      That’s exactly what it is. Fido has since downgraded it to 2GB and requires a separate voice plan on the account.

    • It’s back to $15/3GB

  • Mohamed Sene

    Tried to get it with virgin but was told existing customers werent eligible. I just renewed my contract 2 weeks ago too

    • Alexandre Martin Isoz-Vaillanc

      just got it as an existing BYOD client, had the 6gb/49$ they just added the extra 2gb for free.

  • molly

    Nothing for us poor people here in the Atlantic Provinces it’s like we do not exist or use cell phones down here I quess! I called Bell the other day and found out we were excluded! But I can get my cell unlocked for free have been a Bell customer for 16 years!

    • Ben Appleby

      I’m consistently shocked, though I shouldnt be at this point, that they can get away with ripping us off so badly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called other carriers to see if they want another customer. They don’t even care to match the deal I already have, which is nothing special. There is zero competition in Canada.

  • ZepperDude

    Do any of these carrier recognize Ottawa/NCR as part of Quebec like Videotron does?

  • Lekan

    When is this new promo wave coming to the maritimes?

  • Bucketo

    Can I get these QC deals in Ottawa via Gatineau like we can with Videotron?

    • Sam Lambert

      You will have to change your phone number in order to do so if you have an Ontario area code. In-store plans are generated based on your area code. I tried with Telus and Rogers and everything goes well until the system rejects to transfer my phone number. Supervisors could not bypass it either.

  • Rudy

    That s life for canadians eh .suck it up buttercup.