$49/8GB and $56/10GB Koodo, Virgin Mobile and Fido promos continue in Quebec

An image of the Quebec and Canada flags

While the $60/10GB promo has been drawing much attention in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, Quebec carriers have also been on a promo kick, with Koodo, Fido and Virgin all joining in to offer inexpensive 8GB and 10GB plans.

At Virgin, the Quebec-targeted promotion lets new and existing customers on a bring-your-own-device (BYOD), Silver, Gold or Platinum plan to nab an extra 2GB of data on the $49/6GB plan — which bumps it up to 8GB — and the $56/8GB plan, which increases to 10GB.

Fido is offering a nearly identical promotion. Fido’s fine print states that the 2GB data bonus is available with new activations or phone upgrades on in-market 6GB and 8GB Fido Pulse plans for 24 consecutive months.

Meanwhile, Koodo says its bonus 2GB of data for 24 months is applicable for new and renewing customers. With the added data, it’s offering $49 for 8GB and $54 for 9GB.

Additionally, an internal source tells us that the Virgin deal was previously only available as an add-on for new accounts or upgrades with less than three months to go on-contract but is now available even for plan changes. Virgin’s deal is good “until further notice.”

Correction: This article originally stated Koodo was offering a 10GB plan for $54. In fact, it’s a 9GB plan. The post has been updated accordingly.

Source: Virgin, Fido, Koodo