Let’s talk about the future of Freedom Mobile on the SyrupCast


  • The Vinyl Dude

    I’ve been with WIND/Freedom since Jan, 2010 and have seen and suffered it all but I have to say that there have been vast improvements to the network in the last 2 or 3 years. I almost cancelled my account when I was temporarily relocated to the UK but let my son continue using it and I’m glad I did. I’m on a grandfathered plan that includes 10GB local and full 10GB US roaming for $50 and the 3G network has improved so much that I rarely run into issues. Just waiting for B4 and B7 LTE to be properly launched in Toronto (am hitting testing every now and then in the East End) and I’ll be set.

    I rarely roam in Canada these days unless I’m at the cottage and even then I have full coverage until well north of Peterborough. The amount of money I have saved over the years more than pays for any roaming I’ve encountered in Canada, if I had to guess I’d say my roaming charges average out to about $10 per year.

  • Techguru86

    I myself came from Bell 1.5 years ago and it was rough at start till Shaw bought them and started enhancing the network, glad I have Freedom LTE works fine and cant wait to see what 700mhz does for them. Freedom isn’t for everyone at this time but clearly it’s happening for many or Big 3 wouldnt try to price match

  • Nick_Abby

    My Question is when is Freedom going to deal with the “brown out” areas in their network there are times when i’ll be full coverage, walk into a building and lose all cell reception completely where as my friends on Rogers and Telus and Bell maintain their signals.. this is very frustrating when i am in an area that has “full coverage” can freedom improve this?

    • Garrett Cooper

      That might be more of an issue of not having the lower frequencies on their network. Doesn’t penetrate building as well.

    • Rethcork

      That largely has to do with the type of Spectrum Freedom uses now. They acquired other spectrum from Quebecor that once they start to back fill and add coverage areas that will improve. It may never be the same as the other guys but very similar.

      Also keep in mind the Big 3 have had 20 years to perfect their coverage.

  • Alex

    i’m glad there is an actual 4th competitor thats willing to actually ‘compete’ in prices. I went to freedom recently for the pixel 2, and with their 10GB $50 plan. So far so good. The deadzones are in places i would probably go to once every year, and theres an odd thing about me at my front door, where theres a 6x6ft square i can’t get reception from… other than that. good so far, i’m slowly adjusting to using more data. Cause i’m still use to the ‘dont youtube much, dont netflix much, dont use facebook much, and dl everything from spotify…

    10GB should really be a starting tier plan these days. Finally.

    Hope freedom starts pushing even better plans once they get their network sorted out better.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Tried Freedom over the summer for a week in Calgary. I had a 35% discount so 6GB for $37/mo. I wanted to support them, but the network just didn’t work for me. Didn’t get reception in my office at work, and at home it would switch between LTE and 4G, dropping the connection each time. Just sitting on my couch. Fringe zone I’d assume. I’m glad it works for some and they’re being supported, as it’s finally started to make the Big 3 offer something worthwhile.

    I returned that phone to Freedom within a week without issue. Ported out from Bell to Koodo for an SK plan. Was really happy, but went back to Bell Friday for the $85 10GB plan, wanted an S8 for free.

    It’s a good start everyone!

    • Techguru86

      Should have just got a phone with Wi-Fi calling, problem fixed till 700 goes live

    • samsvoc

      S8 isn’t free as you’re paying $25 more per month compared to the recent plans offered, $60 for 10GB. Over 24 months, you’ll have payed $600 for your “free” S8.

    • Garrett Cooper

      I’m aware of that, sold cell phones for 5 years while in university. Free refers to my up front cost. $85/mo is an amount that I’m fine paying for the service. Value is in the eye of the beholder. Besides, spending $600 for a brand new, unlocked S8 is a pretty fair price.

  • Techguru86

    No provider can promise full coverage everywhere that’s why all providers gave Wi-Fi calling

    • MacMan156

      The day they launch iOS wifi calling will be a game changer for me

  • Yum Yum Dorma

    Please start to support Xiaomi phones your the only provider not to thanks.

    • MacMan156

      A lot of asian phones don’t support North American LTE frequencies.

    • Wesley

      Just got Mii Mix 2 works fine on Freedom

  • Ian Chisholm

    It appears that Shaw is spending a ton of money on customer acquisition this year; are they actually acquiring loyal customers that will help them fund their network expansion or are they acquiring high churn frugal spenders?

    • Chris Smith

      Hmm, I switched to wind about 10 years ago from Bell after gross overcharges and cut my monthly bill in more than half. You do the math and so far so good with the switch in ownership. I am a loyal customer!

  • Dr. Evil

    I was a Wind customer from the beginning and I just recently switched to Public Mobile. The Freedom service has definitely improved under Shaw’s ownership but their biggest stumbling block is their crappy network and their meager coverage outside of the few cities they actually have network infrastructure in. They can offer a terabyte of monthly data for $50 and it still wouldn’t be a good deal as once you are outside of Freedom’s coverage area – you’re roaming, and if you move around a lot that’s basically everywhere.

    • My plan includes free Roaming for talk and text in both Canada and the USA on LTE with 8 G in Freedom Zones and 1G roaming monthly for $50 a month. I litteraly leave my phone plan on Roaming because I never have to pay extra.

  • I started out with Bell with a stick phone in 2004 and it only had text and calling. Then a year later I got a flip Sanyo phone still on Bell and still no data. After having my Sanyo for a year and a half, my friend ran over it in the snow because it was so small we didn’t know it fell. Replaced that with a Samsung flip phone and had the slowest data I ever experienced. Few years later, I was at the Tecumseh Cornfest and a Telus dealer had the HTC Desire HD’s on display and so when my contract with Bell was up, I signed up with Telus and got a whole Gig of data a month. Coverage at the time was only local and if you left your zone there were big charges. and all of a sudden, I could travel most places in Canada but except I only had calling and Text in bordering partial US state my province was near. Although border protect sometimes had me calling long distance from my own house. Then in 2011 Wind Mobile came to Windsor, ON. Seeing the opportunity to have more data and chop my bill in half, I jumped from Telus to Wind and bought the Samsung Galaxy S4. I changed my plan several times as the plans got better and better. The last plan I had before Band 66 LATE came to Windsor August 2017 was my old 2013 CanAm 5G in both Canada and the USA, unlimited anytime talk and text. Then I was stuck with a phone I got for my aging Mom who just didn’t get how to use it even after several times showing her. Since my latest phone, Google Pixel 1 XL, was bought out right from Google, I cancelled my line and used my Mom’s Freedom ASW-3 Band 66 LTE plan line because I saw no need to have 2 phone lines. It was nice to be able to use the ZTE phone anywhere in the county and on the road. But then Freedom a few months later turned on Bands 4 & 7 AWS-1 LTE, so I took my SIM card out of the ZTE and passed it to my husband and popped my SIM Card into my Google Pixel 1XL and ran Freedom’s LTE Band 4 and 7 on my Pixel. My latest Freedom plan includes 8Gs data, unlimited Talk, Voicemail, calling to the USA in Freedom Zones & 1 G Data, 2600 minutes in the USA and Global unlimited Text for $50 a month.

    • David Foggia

      If u think anybody is going to read this, ur sadly mistaken

  • The Vinyl Dude

    Q: Not since December, 2010 and the launch of the HMP has WIND/Freedom had such an impact on the industry; do you think the current impact has anything to do with the current data plans, or is it more likely Freedom’s recent carrying of the iPhone(s) and their marketing of those that’s had more of an influence on the Big 3’s reaction to them?

  • Ryan Sato

    They need to get better reliability when leaving the city to become viable. Most of the time I have no coverage when outside of a major city, even though roaming should technically kick in. Not sure why this happens, but it’s to risky to have a cell phone that does not work on the road when traveling. As for their home locations, the data has become much better lately, but quite a few dropped calls and sometimes you can’t even reach people – and just get a loud buzzing when they pick up. Fix these two major issues, and they can definitely become viable.

  • David Gritt

    Do you think If I switch to freedom mobile they have service in Cobourg Ontario? What about service in general around the GTA? How does that compare with the others?

  • This is really needed for Canadians! More accessible services to all. Their network will improve a lot too! #moveforward

  • bar1010

    I think we only need to look at the big 3’s $60 10 GB plans to see Freedom is indeed having an impact.

    I moved away from an area they had coverage to one they didn’t so I had to cancel, but as soon as they’re in my new area I’ll switch right back in a heartbeat.

  • Keith Richmond

    Before Bell bought MTS, I was hoping for a merger between Freedom, MTS, SaskTel and Videotron. THat would have accelerated the process to get a fourth national carrier.

  • Jasmin Richer

    I officially abandoned Freedom on Sunday and am happy to have done so. After 7 whole years of loyalty and patience, I finally gave up. The company has no interest in keeping old clients. This was proven during black Friday by edging out those on wind plans. Even with the addition of LTE, my calls and texts fail to deliver or come in, and having been off for 3 days now I can confirm that their network was causing my phone to shut off sporadically. When I got a text message on Sunday that I had missed a call, all the while being right next to my phone with full bars and the ringer on, I made the decision that it was finally over. This company is nothing short of a fraud under Shaw. Buyer beware. There is no such thing as Freedom Mobil service.

    I also filed a complaint with the CRTC because they would not provide my device unlock. Claimed that the phone and IMEI (purchased directly from their store) was not in their database.

  • MC

    What can Freedom/Shaw do that’s competitive, innovative, needed by Canadian consumer, and doesn’t involve lower rate plan pricing or $0 phone on contract? Where does current discontent with wireless providers mainly come from?

  • Steve Kovacs

    Freedom’s LTE data and cellular coverage is terrible when you are in concrete buildings apposed to the other 3. It’s too bad as I expected better coverage accross the board when they completed the LTE network. My S7 Edge software doesn’t even have WiFi calling as the same phone on the T-Mobile network, and I think that Freedom is basically being used as a write off for Shaw while claiming to compete in the cellular/wireless data marketplace with no real serious improvements to overall reception.

    • Techguru86

      That’s Samsung for not putting out wifi calling, and if you knew how wireless works, you’d know they’re deploying better reception in the new year sometime. My uncle had to leave Virgin to go to Rogers because even Bell couldn’t penetrate many buildings.

  • amoyal

    I wish they were an option in Montreal

  • Braden Nakonechy

    I signed my first daughter up some 6 years ago. Managed to get a plan that had unlimited USA data, and texting. Then signed my second daughter up. Freedom works fine for what you pay it works from Abbotsford to Vancouver sure a couple blind spots then again so did the big three. When you pay under $75 for two phones with truly unlimited data, no fee to go over just a little slower. The network is fine. And hey we go to the states and have unlimited data, texting and calls. What is there to complain about!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I truly believe that the recent promo of $60/10gb by Big3 is because of the disruption caused by Freedom Mobiles recent aggressive Big Gig plans and it’s capabilities to sell iPhones. Bec of the extraordinary amazing response toward this promo,I hope the BIG 3 heard it loud and clear what Canadian’s actually want from the cell carriers.

  • Marlene Tecson-Golfinopoulos

    I have the promo everywhere that allows me to use my phone across the border. I do like that. I would prefer an improved home network but can live with it for now…

  • Mathew J Mattockz

    I have had nothing but issues since the moment I signed up with Freedom. From not being able to make phone calls several times a day, to no service sometimes for days on end to not working when I’m in the US it’s a nightmare
    They need to get their crap together

    • Techguru86

      Freedom doesn’t operate in the US, it’s either your device, you or AT&T are having issues

    • Crystal J Stoner

      I’ve had service in the US. I used to go down to Buffalo several times a month and I got service which rally surprised me. And no I did not get any roaming charges

  • dimon222

    Move to LTE brought just bunch of issues. I mean, my internet is dropping now every couple of minutes. What’s the point of LTE if it doesn’t work properly anyway?

  • JackTheMan18

    In my humble opinion, the key competitive advantage that Freedom had for many years was it’s unique roaming capability in the U.S. However, I’m not sure if they want to continue this feature, as it has not appeared in their latest plans.

  • Crystal J Stoner

    I have been a freedom customer since they first came to Toronto as Wind mobile and I have had nothing but problem after problem, I’ve called in, and emailed Tech support and all they say is we have a ticket in we’ll get Tonite when we can it takes time. So we’re going on what? 8 years give or take? I’m at I think 10-12 phones and still the same issues that nobody at Freedom Mobile seems to care about, they only care about weather or not you pay your bill. Get it together Freedom fix the dropped calls, missed texts,and slow internet. We have a right to have what we pay for no matter what we pay. I’m tired of excuses

    • Techguru86

      Slow internet in the past for sure, but now with band 66 which man devices support and added LTE frequencies, slow internet is done. And it could be where you live, some buildings are bad for service, thats why every provider offers wi-fi calling, everyone suffers from poor buildings

    • Crystal J Stoner

      It’s not only in my building, I get slow internet and dropped calls walking down the street, sitting in the car on the bus and it happens all over the city not in just one particular area, I’ve even been missing calls that I’ve been waiting months for and not getting messages. Freedom/Wind mobile has a thing where you’re supposed to get a notification that you e missed a call or that a message has been left and I’m not getting them. I missed a dentist appointment that I had been waiting months for and I even got a bill for $150 for a missed appointment.

  • Mark Abi-Rashed

    Considering that more people live in the combined areas they do cover than live in area’s not covered, and that they ARE the countries 4th largest cell provider I think your statement is incorrect.
    They are an alternative to probably more than half of Canada’s population.

    • Samuel

      If you stay within the limit of your city, and never go form Vancouver (lets say) to Hope, you’re right.

      In reality people do drive 30 minutes out of town occasionally, and they expect their phone to work there too.

      Otherwise why is your logic does not apply to Rogers?

    • Mark Abi-Rashed

      OK. So?
      My ONE and ONLY point was to rebut your statement that……..
      “They won’t be alternative to anything………”
      They clearly are.
      Do they need to deploy the 700Mhz sooner rather than later? Absolutely
      Do they need to fix this LTE switch problem? Absolutely
      Do they need to bolster their signals across the board? Absolutely
      Do they need to fix this “Getting texts and VMs hours late? Absolutely
      Are they an alternative to the big three? ABSOLUTELY they are!!!

  • Kyle Tuck

    MobileSyrup has constantly credited Rogers for better roaming options, but it was Wind that FIRST had realistic US roaming options. I switched from Telus to Wind in 2010. I was traveling (and still do) regularly to the US. Just to answer my phone in the US on Telus used to cost me $4. There was a crazy “roaming charge” plus an insanely high per-minute fee. I can’t remember the data charges, but they were equally insane. All of the options through the Big 3 were virtually identical. I couldn’t believe that Wind, a tiny player, was able to offer a flat rate of $0.25 per minute. I also still can’t believe that wasn’t evidence enough of collusion on the part of the Big 3. Again, I don’t remember the exact rates but Wind’s US roaming data rates were a fraction of the Big 3.

    I have put up with a lot being with Wind/Freedom; I know as well as anyone what the challenges have been. Still, I am far happier.