Apple somehow briefly approved a fake iOS version of Cuphead


If you came across Cuphead in the iOS App Store recently, beware — the listing is a total scam.

TouchArcade first reported that a fake iOS listing for Cuphead went live today, complete with what looks like a legitimate App Store posting that includes real in-game screenshots and the seller listed as StudioMDHR, the Canadian development studio behind the game.

The listing’s support page links to ‘studiomdhrgames.com’ instead of StudioMDHR’s actual website, ‘studiomdhr.com.’ If you purchase the game, an incorrect version of the developer is listed as well: “StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.” Apparently at least the first level of the game was actually playable, though many have mentioned that it “felt off.”

According to The Verge, ‘studiomdhrgames.com’ is registered to someone named Walter Gregor from Washington, Washington. MDHR has confirmed that the game’s listing is a scam and that it is “Fake as hell.” Apple has since removed the listing from the App Store and will likely be issuing refunds in the near future.

Given Apple’s stringent App Store approval policies, it’s strange such a high-profile release fell through the cracks.

The funny thing about this whole fiasco is it’s likely that if Cuphead wasn’t exclusive to PC and Xbox One, an official iOS version of the game would probably be in the works.

You can find an archived version of the App Store listing for the non-existent iOS port of Cuphead, at this link. Cuphead recently took home multiple accolades at this year’s Video Game Awards.

Despite a troubled development cycle spanning almost seven years, Cuphead was an instant success following the game’s release in September of this year, selling more than a million copies worldwide in its first two weeks.

“We poured our hearts and souls into this game, and to be recognized with the greats like this is just out of this world,” said StudioMDHR co-founders Chad and Jared Moldenhauer while accepting the award for Best Art Direction at the Video Game Awards.

Source: TouchArcade