Sony has sold 70.6 million PlayStation 4 consoles to date


  • MoYeung

    As of Dec. 3 it has sold a total of 70.6 million PlayStation 4 consoles.(It also has sold more than 617.8 million copes of PS4 games, and a total of 2 million PlayStation VR units.)

    But only 5.5 million units in Japan.

    • Smanny

      That is still pretty good. In terms of console sales. It still outshines Xbox, and Nintendo sales combined by a mile.

    • Ricky Bobby

      Nintendo Switch isn’t far behind PS4 in Japan. 2.5 million sold in 9 months already in Japan

    • John Lofwire

      Japanese love handheld console so its no wonder.

    • basesloadedwalk

      Console sales in Japan aren’t the indicator they used to be. In fact, the Japanese market is probably now one of the least significant markets in the world.

    • John Lofwire

      How much Xbone in Japan was sold? Japan was always a big buyers of handheld console they are also pretty hard on console not comming from Japan so thats why nintendo switch do so well there.

      Different market are different thats all.

      the important fact is world wide sales and that the important factor.

  • Matt Wass

    Xbox is never going to catch up. Either will Nintendo. Sony did right by beating them to the drop.

    With that being said.. I purchased the psvr. Not bad. Skyrim vr is awesome.

    Considering a switch.. But I’ll snag one for like 200- Not paying more than that for a Nintendo console. I’ll wait it out for better catalogue.

    • jplunks

      If you think Nintendo wont catch up or pass Sony, then you are in your own world. The switch is well on its way.The about of money that Nintendo will make on the Switch as a ecosystem is by buy far more then what Sony will make. Look at the history of video games console. Each generation goes up and down. PS5 will not be as successful as the PS4, PS4 Pro is proof of that (not in terms of sales but in terms of them selling you a product that still doesn deliver on what it marketed as. A more powerful console but still doesn’t lock games at 60fps and 4K

    • Matt Wass

      Most ppl i know with a switch own one of the other consoles already on top.

      So it nullifies the gain right htere. they will sell great. but not overthrow the console thats been on the market, is more powerful, and probably cheaper ( least the base model)

      And the fact Nintendo is allowing games to be sold on the Nvidia Shield. Will boost Software sales yes. They at least know they are fighting an up hill battle and are turning to mobile/other consoles for extra income to catch up faster.

      By no means is nintendo stupid.. they just have a fair ways to go..

    • jplunks

      “Most ppl i know with a switch own one of the other consoles already on top” – well thats true because the Xbox One and PS4 came out like 3-4 years ago. So that is only natural unless you are waiting for a console that never existed. The Switch is more profitable per console due to the “cheaper” components. Remember. Sony is still pumping out PS4 Pro with newer tech. The Nintendo/Nvidia thing is for Wii and Gamecube games in China where the market is very hard to break for ANYTHING due to their laws. Nintendo will still make bank on these older games. Nintendo is in a better position as a company, then Sony. Just keep that in mind

    • Matt Wass

      You forget sony has their hands in multiple areas of electronics/sales. They can afford to pay more to make systems..

      Nintendo does not have that luxery. I do understand your point tho. and appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

    • jplunks

      Sony (outside of the Playstation division) is failing as a company. (TV, movies, Laptops, camera etc) Its actually surviving due to the PS4 success.

    • John Lofwire

      Current generation nintendo wont catch up there is not a good enuf selection of game beside the exclusive ( and the exclusives are VERY good that i give it to you )

      IF next gen they continue on this and get more game developper on board and more games variety they will win.

      Every generation the console with the best games selection won.

      I had the Xbox 360 because games selection was better than PS3 and now Ps4 because its has the best game selections.

      The goal is not to have a few amazing game but to be able to have great games for ALL type of players.

    • jplunks

      You do understand the the Wii won that generation right? Saying the 360 sold alot is a far cry when their sales were based on the RLOD. Nevertheless it was 2nd. Best selection of games for the PS4 are remakes from PS3. By your theory, neither Sony, MS or Nintendo makes good consoles but its the developers that chooses which console will do so. That said, even if they do favor the PS4/PS5 more, if Nintendo sells more consoles based on their own IP like they are doing now, developers are “forced” to make they game for that system because the install base is too high to ignore profits. This is why the Wii still has games being made for it,

    • John Lofwire

      Wii sold more console but much less games.
      Its also fallen flat after the initial 2-3 years.

      Most ppl i knew with Wii was only using it from time to time as as with the switch they all owned a ps3 or a xbox360 as well.

      As for best selection of games for the ps4 are remakes from ps3 sorry but i disagree out of the 40 games i have only 2 are remakes and even then as i did not own the ps3 its not an issue for me.

      you obviously did not look at the full catalogue of games from ps4.

      Dev will favor the most sold and used console usually thats why PS4 doing so good ( already at 70 million unit sold ) and why its have an easier times getting good exclusive.

      Also the switch is pretty much underpowered ( more than the wii was toward ps3 and xbox 360 at the time ) so that do limit dev more ( if Nintendo make a pro/X version of the switch with MUCH faster internal its could overtake both sony and microsoft that a good possibility )

      The looser right now is microsoft.

      As for the Wii its death sorry but that wont change.

    • Matt Wass

      Combine nintendo switch and xbox one sales and it probably doesnt still come close to ps4 sales.

    • John Lofwire

      No its dont lol..

      7 million for switch + 30 million for xbone = 37 million so just a tad more than half ps4 sales.

      Ps4 has a big headstart in fact bigger than any previous console who was first had its is indeed impresive.

    • jplunks

      The PS4 is at 70 million

    • John Lofwire

      35 + 35 = 70 right?

      so 37 combined would be a tad more than 50% right?

    • jplunks

      Sorry, i didnt see the half part. My apoligise

    • John Lofwire

      no worry anyway i agree that we should not take 10 months sales of the switch as a valid to combine with xbone sell as its make no sens anyway as the others two ( xbone and ps4 ) been around since a long time.

      In first 12 months ps4 sold about 18 million or so if switch manage to get to that level its will be a good indicator.

      Ps2 sold like 13 million in first year and look how much sold over the life of the console.

      I say switch is doing pretty good but its still overpriced for the power you get that its biggest flaw and a lack of variety in game sadly.

      Still keeping my eye on it if they come out with a faster model ( like ps4 ans xbone did ) i will get one.

    • jplunks

      So you want to combine a console thats been on the market for 10 months to one thats been out for 3-4 years? Thats fair. Why not combine the Wii U and Xbox?

    • jplunks

      How did it sell more consoles and less games? Give it some credit. The PS2 sold 120 million due to its DVD player but im not gonna say ir sold less games then Xbox. Its doesn’t make sense.Regardless if they had a Wii and PS3/360, they had a Wii. Just like myself and threw it in the trash twice for the PS3 (my most beloved system). In 1st year or so the system didnt have exclusive. well new ones, they relied on the remasters. It was well documented. You are incorrect on your views in the 7th gen war but i can respect your opinion on the PS4

    • John Lofwire

      Because there was less games available on the Wii than on ps3 and xbox 360 lol its simple as that.

      Its sold more because its was innovative and made ppl move that was what helped it its was also amazing for party ect.

      You have a hard time to be logical go see the numbers yourself if you do not beleive me.

      We are not in the first years anymore for the Ps4 thing changed 😉 i did not get mine until second year.

    • jplunks

      Well its not about when YOU got it, it matters when it launched.

      The Wii sold about 101 million consoles. Wii Sports sold about 80 million, Mario Kart Wii 37 million, New super mario Wii 30 million

      PS3 sold 80 million if im not correct. GTA sold 21 million, Grand Turismo 11 million, Last of us 8 million.

      Tell me again how Sony or MS sold more games that generation

    • John Lofwire

      What matters is today and now we dont live in the past. Someone looking for a console will look at what going on now 😉

      Total games sold for all game and not only one is much higher on ps3 and xbox 360 than wii. ( i am not looking at 3-4 games but the whole catalogue )

      Math is not your strong suite.

      Now stop acting like a troll plz or like others troll i will simply block you.

    • jplunks

      You will block me based on a discussion? Go right ahead. Just because you fail at proven your point with coming up with a better response or admitting you may be wrong in some areas just goes to show how childish you are.

      The numbers i gave were the top selling games for the consoles. You think i would pick a random game to prove a point?

    • John Lofwire

      No i would block you based on the fact you are wasting my time.

      I talk about total amount of game sold for the whole catalogue and you give me top 4 best selling game. That an example of you wasting my time.

      Another example : Well its not about when YOU got it, it matters when it launched.

      We where talking about the amount of available game now and you give me crap about when its launched.

      I could continue on and on.

      So please i will ask nicely stop wasting my time.

    • jplunks

      What??? Then stop respond. I didnt even know you can block a person. You saying something sold more is vastly different from you showing numbers. But whatever, Compare a console thats been on the market for 4yrs to one thats been out for 10 months and say how dominate it is. laughable

    • Smanny

      Sony is the only console right now to offer a VR headset and games. No other console has entered this area yet. If you have tried some of the VR titles, then there is no going back to plain 2D type games on the TV screen. Plus they have a lot of good exclusive titles.

    • John Lofwire

      I do have ps VR it’s nice I admit but I still play lots of game on the TV 😉

  • John Lofwire

    Love my ps4 pro PS vr combo.

    Might not be the most powerful console but its for sure have the best selection of games for various styles and the best Japanese game as well.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    nope game consoles are nothing but garbage you throw away after 4 or 5 years I can upgrade a PC to keep with the times