The latest update to Microsoft’s OneDrive begins rolling out today


The latest update for Microsoft’s OneDrive app for Android has begun to roll out. The update brings a new look to the app, though it still feature a blue and white colour scheme.

Within the app, users can now get around OneDrive using a variety of category tabs placed at the bottom of the screen. These tabs get rid of the hamburger menu that the app utilized.

The default for the app shows off a view of your files, but the tabbed navigation bar allows users to switch to Photos, Recent and has a Shared section. There is also a “Me” section which shows off how much storage is being used, the app’s settings and more. The “Me” section also shows off ‘Notifications’ and lets users look at their offline content.

Though it’s not a huge change, the overhaul does make OneDrive look more modern as the hamburger menu starts to slowly die off.

Users can update to version 5.1 of OneDrive here.

Source: WindowsCentral