Ho-Oh can now be caught worldwide in Pokémon Go

Ho Oh Pokemon GO

As part of the Pokémon Go Global Catch Challenge, Niantic, the studio behind the augmented reality mobile title, has surprised players with a new prize: Legendary Pokémon, Ho-Oh.

The original final prize for globally catching three billion Pokémon, was the opportunity to catch Farfetch’d worldwide, a Pokémon that had only been available in South Korea and Japan. However, Niantic has also now made Ho-Oh, available through standard raids for the next two weeks.

Ho-Oh is the fire flying Rainbow Pokémon that’s seen in the first episode of the anime series, but isn’t introduced in the main games until Generation 2.

With the release of Ho-Oh, the last of the Legendary Pokémon — other than mythical Mew and Celebi — Generation 3 Pocket Monsters are likely set to hit Pokémon Go soon.

Source: Niantic