PUBG’s ultra-popular battle royale action is coming to mobile devices


The ultra-popular battle royale PC game Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds — more commonly known as PUBG — is getting a mobile iteration, according to Chinese video game publisher Tencent.

The gigantic publisher is working with developer Bluehole to bring the hit PC title to smartphones in an effort to target Chinese audiences.

Tencent says that the mobile version of PUBG will play similarly to the PC iteration, though it’s unclear how Bluehole plans to translate the game to a smaller screen and a significantly less powerful device.

The game is set to launch in China first, but there’s no solid release date just yet. It’s also unclear if the game will get a Western release in the future, but given that PUBG has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, odds are good that the game will make its way to North America.

Tencent is one of the video game industry’s largest publishers, with the company holding stock in a variety of console and mobile game companies. The publisher also revealed plans to release PUBG in China, though the game will likely be significantly altered given that Tencent says it has plans to ensure the title reflects the “socialist core values, Chinese traditional culture and moral rules.”

More details on the mobile version of PUBG are expected to be released “in the near future.” PUBG is set to make its way to the Xbox One on December 12, 2017.