Google has finally fixed the burger emoji in Android 8.1

The cheese is now on top and it's looking pretty grate

Sundar Pichai with burger

It may have taken a month, but Google has finally made ‘gouda’ on its promise to update its burger emoji. For those who missed it, an intense debate was kicked off when a tweet centred on the placement of the cheese in the burger went viral.

As writer Thomas Baekdal pointed out, Google and Apple evidently had very different ideas on if cheese should belong above or below the patty of a burger.

The discussion became so widespread that none other than Google’s big cheese himself, CEO Sundar Pichai, had to take to Twitter to assure customers that the company will look into the pressing issue.

While Monday, October 30th passed with nary a comment or retweet from Pichai, the internet remained cheesed off over what Google had done with the burger emoji.

Now, however, Google has finally cut the cheese, so to speak. Emojipedia notes, Google’s Android 8.1 release now shows the cheese clearly placed above the burger.

Android 8.1 burger emoji Google has not yet commented on the change.

More information on Android 8.1 can be found here.

Via: TechCrunch