Canada’s Supreme Court to rule on Rogers copyright infringement case

The Supreme Court has not said why it has chosen to hear  the case


  • Do Do

    Rogers is probably the most vile company we have in Canada but I can’t say I disagree with them on this.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      In this case the lesser of two evils…

    • Derek

      yup pretty much this

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Unless they are paying the employee doing the digging 100 the amount is too high for such a request. After all, we all know they track everything we do already.

  • Kaito

    I actually agree with Rogers on this one (although should maybe be a flat fee). It keeps frivolous claims at bay when there is a charge associated with perusing it. I have no sympathy at all for the way movie studios behave especially in the US (not disagreeing that Rogers doesn’t overcharge Canadians either).