Uber adds new feature that lets you call rides for your friends

For the holiday season Uber is adding new features to its ride-sharing services.

The first of the features the ride-sharing service is adding is live location sharing. The functionality allows drivers to see exactly where the passenger is located in relation a specific pickup spot.

The app even now shows if the passenger is walking around the corner or standing in the same spot. Live location sharing can be turned on by tapping grey icon in the bottom right corner of of the app — if the icon is blue, location is being shared.

Users can also finally request an Uber for a guest who doesn’t actually have the app. If a friend or relative requires a ride home, users can now tap the ‘Where to?’ option as normal, then select who is riding. A text is then sent to the rider with important trip details such as estimated time of arrival, car type and the driver’s contact info.

Lastly, Uber has added in-app gifting to its services, allowing users to send Uber credits to a friend or family member.

Source: Uber