Roomba Wi-Fi connected robot vacuums now support IFTTT integration

Roomba 980

Unlike the 360 Eye smart vacuum from competitor Dyson, iRobot has continuously released new features and integrations to its Roomba line of products in an effort to make the smart vacuum the centre of the connected home.

Now, the company is adding IFTTT functionality to the high-end Roomba 980, complete with compatibility for 11 applets that allow the smart vacuum to be integrated with various platforms.

Some of the more popular functions including shutting off the Roomba when you answer a call on your smartphone, or automatically activating the vacuum when you leave your home. There’s also an option to post a Tweet when the Roomba has finished a job — yes, you read that correctly.

You’ll even eventually be able to set the Wi-Fi-connected Roomba to run when a specific weather service detects a high pollen count. For a full list of IFTTT integrations, follow this link.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a simple, relatively easy-to-use platform for connecting disparate internet services and smarthome product together to form automated processes. For example, there are apps for automatically turning Philips Hue lights on in the evening, or for activating a Dropcam security camera when you leave your home.

IRobot also added Alexa and Google Home integration to the Roomba earlier this year.

Source: TechCrunch