Apple is developing laser-based 3D sensor technology for future iPhones, says report


  • Smanny

    ATkit struggles with vertical planes, such as walls, doors or windows, and lacks accurate depth perception, which makes it harder for digital images to interact with real things. So now Apple wants to update the rear of the iPhone to add hardware to help out with ARkits depth perception.

    So Apple wants to add hardware to make its AR better than what it currently is right now. Oh, wait this is like Google’s Tango as well. I remember Patrick and its_me and others saying that ARKit is just as accurate and robust as Tango. If it was they why add hardware to make it better? I guess some of you enjoy eating a little crow.

    • John Lofwire

      Tango do already include such laser sensor lol.
      Agree with you those apple troll love saying lies.