Get a two pack of these tactical flashlights for over 80% off


  • TomsDisqusted

    Other media sites that have stooped to posting ads in the place of articles (so they appear in people’s feeds) at least put a disclaimer or tag in the title, like “[Sponsored Post]”.

    It’s obvious in the case of this article, but there are some more borderline, and the disclaimer you do have almost makes it sound like you want to pretend this isn’t an ad.

    Just because this is tech journalism doesn’t mean you should throw out the practices of good journalism.

    • Tweetdis

      It’s tagged as a ‘Deal’ … Click on the ‘News’ tag or other tags to filter out what you don’t want to see…

    • TomsDisqusted

      But I don’t believe that. I’m saying that it is actually an ad – they posted it because they are being paid to.

      And your response is a great illustration as to why they need to clearly label it (if I’m right that it is an ad).

    • h2oflyer

      And the ad doesn’t mention if expensive lith-ion batteries are included.

  • h2oflyer

    Junk…copy of the NiteCore Extreme. Under $10 each on line. 500 lumens is meaningless… that’s LED rating for initial burst.

    What counts is OTF sustained lumens through the lens which is probably around 100 lumens.

  • Andrew Holt

    Tactical flashlights are illegal in Canada, so this makes me believe these aren’t “true” tactical devices.

    • h2oflyer

      Just junk with a cool ” tactical ” name. True tactical flashlights usually have a sharp crenallated bezel to be used as a weapon with a down ward strike. These have smooth cutouts on the bezel.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Haha. Reading the comments here looks like the consensus is this is just more shjt MS is trying to hawk and make a buck off.