Google releases list of every smart home device that supports Google Home

Google Home Mini

One of the best things about Google Home is how the device links together disparate smart home devices under one umbrella, giving users a relatively simple and intuitive way to control their smart home.

Still, not every smart home device works with Home and its frustrating to purchase a Wi-Fi-enabled smart product only to realize that it doesn’t actually work with Google’s Assistant. In an effort to solve this problem, Google has created a list of devices that support the smart home assistant on its support page.

The list includes over 1,000 support devices from 150 manufacturers all organized in alphabetical order. If there’s a specific product you’re looking for, the page even features a useful search bar. More well-known smart home products from companies like Philips are included in the list, but lesser known thermostats from legacy device manufacturers like Honeywell are also included.

If you’re in the process of building a smart home ecosystem and purchasing an array of smart home products, bookmarking this page is definitely a good idea.

Google recently launched the Home Mini in the Canadian market. While a downgrade from the standard Google Home, the Mini’s $79 Canadian price tag is difficult to beat despite the device’s shortcomings.

Source: Google Via: Android Authority