Global LTE speeds stall, Canada drops lower in world rankings: OpenSignal


  • AGuy

    Throwing more speed at us while charging more for data, what a scam. I happily have my speed capped at 2.5mbps. If it’s faster than that I’ll burn through my allowed data usage too fast. Higher speed doesn’t matter in Canada with the low data caps.

    • Leif Shantz

      I’m assuming you’re with Public Mobile since they are the only provider I can think of that caps data speeds. How is the data speed? Is it okay for video streaming and music streaming. Do you find yourself waiting longer for websites? Do you find it uses less data?

    • AGuy

      Yup, no problem streaming 720p or less. I wouldn’t go higher on mobile data anyway. It’s actually throttled LTE, so web browser speed is the same and LTE displays in the status bar. Definitely uses less data. I came from full LTE and only difference I notice is updating apps through the play store, which is something I avoid over mobile data anyway. I wish I had throttled data sooner, I can watch more video with it.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    So much for the Robellus propaganda “we have to charge outrageous rates” because we give you the best/ fastest wireless system in the world. Bla bla bla……… Truth be told, we pay top dollar for a average system. Nothing more, nothing less. Period.

  • Matthew

    Terrible speeds at a high cost. It’s going to be fun with all big tech companies flocking to Toronto.