Ontario MPP tables ‘zombie’ bill, aims to reduce distracted walking

The Government of Ontario is trying to crack down on zombies, just in time for Halloween


  • Riley Freeman

    this is what we waste taxpayers money on. i want a refund.

  • Canadiana Jones

    Also, everyone has to wear grey robe, and only walk in rows of two in a marching fashion.

    • Ipse

      You forgot the goose step ????

  • Anonymous Agent

    Their just looking for more ways for more cash grabs to make more revenue. Soon we’ll all get fines for breathing air without having an air permit. Any they’ll find ways to come inside our homes and give fines for taking a number 2 as a pollution fine. And a fine for not shaving that day. Enough with these cash grabs

  • MoYeung

    More chances for “someone” to commit abuse of power, false tickets and etc.