Alek Krstajic is stepping down as CEO of Freedom Mobile


  • Andrew English

    This could spell trouble. Meaning a lot higher rates, etc. But we’ll see.

    • Do Do

      With the quality of their network, higher rates would mean the end of them. The only reason people go with them in the first place is the lower rates. Now take that away and there’s zero incentive other than to stick it to the big 3.

    • Techguru86

      The network has vastly improved from what it was a year ago, people just seem to forget it’s hard to build a quality network when they were not owned by the big

    • Do Do

      As far as I know to improve they mostly need to put up antennas. So how much it’s improved is dependent on how many new antennas havr gone up and where.

    • Roland Gilead

      Equipment upgrades allow multiple channels on the same antenna, which increases capacity. In order to expand coverage they do need new sites. New sites are difficult. Rooftop sites help, but if there is no apartment building where you need it then you need a tower. NIMBY/Tinfoil hats keep new towers from being built and incumbents make it difficult to share towers. One trick is to leave legacy equipment installed, which max’s out tower loading so Bellus/Rogers can demand the tower be upgraded, at the requester’s cost, before they can be allowed on a tower.

    • Do Do

      “One trick is to leave legacy equipment installed, which max’s out tower loading so Bellus/Rogers can demand the tower be upgraded, at the requester’s cost, before they can be allowed on a tower.”

      Can you elaborate?

    • Roland Gilead

      anyone who has a tower has to allow other carriers to use the tower. a tower owner cant just say no. but if the tower has reached its maximum weight/wind load the owner can deny another carrier. Tower is full! meanwhile it might be full of unused equipment.

      it allows established players to make it more difficult to new entrants. this might be good/bad, depending on your point of view.

    • Do Do

      If that’s actually happening it’s bad for everyone except the shareholders of the unethical companies doing this and should be criminal, and definitely bad for consumers.

    • specialk2000

      Have you tried their new LTE network yet?

    • Do Do

      I couldn’t care less about their LTE. 3g has always been fast enough. It’s the quality of their network that cause people not to go to them or as in my case, causes them to leave. I need their system to work. It only worked in 50% of the places I frequented. I don’t need it to be LTE.

      Of course if you don’t spend much time in different places it’s fine but if you move all over the GTA all day, it sucks at any speed.

    • Igor Babichev

      Their rates are still very competitive, especially if you have to go to US a lot (and want a convenience of just being able to use your Canadian phone number instead of bothering with prepaid US sims) – none of the other carriers’ “roam like home” come close to what Freedom offers for $15/mo (or includes in the top 2 plans).
      Once they add VoWiFi, they are going to virtually eliminate connection problems for majority of their customers, because most indoor locations have WiFi, and Shaw has by far the largest WiFi in major BC and AB cities. Outdoors Freedom coverage was never an issue, at least in my experience.

    • I don’t know. He seems to have successfully transitions the company. And now Shaw will put one of their own people in. I mean, it’s not a given this would have happened. But once Shaw bought them and said they will turn them into a bigger network, it makes sense to get a new CEO for the new strategy.

  • Do Do

    Including under the “Wind” name, how many CEO’s is that in the last 5 or so years?

    • CEOs seem to change all the time. Look this guys resume. He was CEO, President and Vice-President of many corps. These people change all the time.

  • George

    This just initial step for shaw to do clean up.
    Sooner or later all those Orascom Egyptians who promoted themselves and become CTO, VP and director will be dumped too.
    It will be just matter of time…

  • Bill___A

    I wish Mr. Krstajic well in his future endeauvors. It seems he has been through a lot of change these past few years, from which I am sure he has gained a lot of expertise.

    Good luck to “freedom” although I doubt I would become a customer, their plans are not good for me.

  • George

    That company changes CEO as fast as I change underwears!

    • John Smith


  • shaz0311

    Hope Shaw follows through on creating a better network, while keeping the prices lower to create better competition for the endpoint consumer.
    Hope Vo-wifi is allowed on all 3g/LTE phones sold by Wind within the past 4 years.