Amazon’s Kindle app gets design overhaul, new Goodreads integrations


Amazon has updated its Kindle app with a refreshed design, dark background themes and an ever-present search bar.

According to the company, the Kindle app’s new design is — appropriately enough — inspired by books. The refresh features larger book covers, new fonts, a new app icon and new light and dark background themes.

The app also now features a search bar that appears throughout the different pages of the app for easier access, and a new bottom bar navigation that shows an icon of the book the user is currently reading.

Additionally, Kindle has more fully integrated Goodreads, the social media platform for readers, into its app. Since Amazon acquired Goodreads in 2013, the app has played a role in the Kindle platform, but with this update, its presence is becoming even stronger.

Users now have quick access to friends’ profiles and recommendation lists. Additionally, the Kindle app account page has been replaced with a profile featuring more Goodreads elements.

The app update is available now through the App Store or Google Play and will be delivered as an over-the-air update for current users over the course of this week.

Via: The Verge