Rogers Anyplace TV now offers ‘seamless’ switching between devices

Rogers head office logo

Rogers’ Anyplace TV customers are likely seeing a few tweaks to the carrier’s multi-platform TV service.

Rogers has updated the service to include a new design across web, mobile and tablet that the carrier hopes will provide a “consistent and more user-friendly experience.”

It’s also introducing seamless transition across all devices, meaning customers can start watching an OnDemand show through a web browser on their computer, pause it and then continue watching on their phone at precisely the moment where they left off.

Additionally, Rogers says it has recently added 100 new channels to the service.

Anyplace TV is a viewing platform for live and OnDemand content available to Rogers customers with digital TV package subscriptions and an SD, HD or 4K digital box (digital adapters are not supported).

The service works through Chrome browsers, as well as iOS and Android.