This tool lets you install more games on the SNES Classic

SNES Classic

While obviously not endorsed by Nintendo in any way, a new tool is now available for the SNES Classic — just like the NES Classic before it — that allows additional Super Nintendo ROMs to be loaded onto the flash console.

The tool, called ‘hakchi2,’ comes from Russia-based hacker @Cluster_M, and is compatible with about 75 percent of SNES games, according to its creator — there are apparently workarounds for the games that it doesn’t include. Interestingly, the SNES Classic is also capable of running side-loaded NES games as well.

It’s important to note that cracking the console voids its warranty and is a clear violation of Nintendo’s terms of service. The legality surrounding ROMs, whether they’re for the NES or the SNES, is also dubious.

While not exactly a simple process, Cluster’s tool makes adding new games to the console much easier. In total, about 100 additional games can be installed on the system, depending on their size. For more information about the process, check out the mod’s official Reddit thread, as well as its official release notes.

In general, however, if you don’t have experience using similar tools or flash modding video game consoles, it’s likely a good idea to steer clear of tools like this, regardless of how great it would be to add additional titles to the system.

Nintendo did leave an amusing message in the system for hackers picking apart the console’s firmware.