Telus to increase SIM card price from $15 to $20 on October 17 [Update]


  • Claude Gohier

    Must compensate for unlocking fees…

    • Alex

      regardless of unlocking fees, i bet this would have happened, lol

    • It’s Me

      Unrelated. They will raise prices for no reason at all. No reason to invent reasons.

  • gommer strike

    And you know what the bottom feeders are gonna do right?

    Stock up on the SIMs while they’re still $15 and unload them on Craigslist for higher after the prices go up.

  • Dimitri

    Most likely due to the unlocking fees being terminated as of December 1st. Also carriers are known to do this sadly. Gouging from any way possible.

    • Elky64

      Pretty much what I was thinking.

  • vn33

    Looks like the standard gouging step is $5 now.

  • Jim__R

    I would love to know what the cost of a SIM card is for Telus. Bet it’s less than $1.

    • George

      It is about 5 cents or less.
      I am sure Bell is around the same.
      Did you see the actual PO issued to Morpho and G&D? Where did you get $1 from?

    • john smith

      it costs banks $5 to issue a new bank card…

    • Jason

      I use to work for Bell, in the system it’s cost was listed at $0.01

    • Goldfinch

      Well, from what I know, less than 5 cents.

  • Kenjuta

    well hopefully with eSIM all these BS will be gone

    • It’s Me

      Activation fees, administration fees, please bend over and form a line fees.

      They’ll never run out of fees, with or without eSIMs.

    • Nope. Bell charges a eSIM programming fee for the  Watch.
      I changed my mind from Stainless Steel to Ceramic, and they charged me twice the 10$ eSIM fee.

    • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

      Nothing new… it’s just like how they program CDMA phones back then. Not even sure why people think eSIMs are a great idea.

    • Well they’re a great idea because at some point, we will be able to switch providers using the settings rather than having to call the carrier or go to a store to buy a SIM card.

  • Jimmy Jazz

    “Why? Because we can, and an extra $5 hundreds of thousands of times and pretty soon you’re talking real money… Never mind that these things cost peanuts to produce.”

  • John

    TELUS, the future is friendly

    • Captain Pokemon

      TELUS, the future is about profit.

    • John Lofwire

      Still friendly lol but pricy as well

    • mxmgodin

      Telus is just that really rich friend who keeps dragging you out to those expensive bars and restaurants, not realizing you’re broke and just had to spend your whole week’s grocery budget on that steak and wine.

  • MoYeung


  • Goldfinch

    This will bring them the same income they get from unlocking phones even more.

  • Jean Racine

    They should create a completely new fee named, not-unlocking fee. I suggest a price, 50 dollars. 20 bucks for a sim card is beyond ridiculous.

  • Well at least that’s how the Apple Watch works. I think it takes a player like Apple to ensure that eSIM will never be like CDMA.

  • skinned

    Why? Are they getting more expensive to produce? Provision? Of course not.