Further confirmation of Google Home Mini appears in Home app

Alleged images of the leaked Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini — a smaller, more affordable version of the Google Home — is expected to be unveiled at Google’s October 4th media event.

The smart home assistant recently passed through the FCC filing as a “media streaming device” with the model number of A4RH0A.

The filing also revealed that the Google Home Mini will feature 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth LE connectivity.

Now, the device has been further confirmed via screen captures from the Google Home app posted on Twitter.

Google is rumoured to launch the successor to the Google Home smart speaker for $49 USD. Unfortunately, there is no indication if the device will make its way to Canada, but if it does, it will likely retail between $79 and $99 CAD.

Adding further fuel to the rumour fire, Walmart has also listed the Google Home Mini on the retailer’s American website, though the link has now been pulled.

Source: 9to5Google