Microsoft’s CEO confirms he was against Nokia acquisition


  • Elky64

    Yet they, him or whomever kept stringing its loyal users along. Easy now that Windows Mobile is in the dumpsters to come out and say “it wasn’t me”. Windows “anything” does little to spark my interest these days just because how poor I feel it has gotten reliability wise, almost to the point of being a joke.

    • Bill___A

      Windows 10 is very good, so are their Windows server products. It may have been politically popular to bash Windows at one time, but it is no longer true and hasn’t been true for some time now.

    • Elky64

      That may be your prospective/experience (good) but far from mine. And I only bash Windows when we feel its warranted, been toying w/the PC since 1987 so it is not like it’s our first kick at the can.

  • Abel

    No news here, considering that one of the first things he did when he took over was making sure it all got flushed down the drain.

    Nokia built beautiful, functional, reliable phones and WP8 was a great OS. There was some progress (with apps availability and stuff) in the short span of time before and after the acquisition, but then it went downhill from there. Now we know why.

    Screw Nadella and his lack of vision. I will replace my WP with an Android Nokia phone soon and after that, will never look back, even if they come up with the much rumored Surface Phone and they sell it for cheap. In fact, I think I’d have a hard time switching back to it, even if it they give them away!

    To paraphrase a very famous politician? these days. Sad!

    • Tsordi

      There was a lot to like in the Windows Phone OS (from 7 through 10), including some workflow ideas that were further along than most of the other OSes at the time. But the app problem never got solved and that was reflected in market share. I really would’ve liked for them to carve out a sustainable position, but without the scale it just wasn’t going to happen. For what it’s worth I think Ballmer would’ve put out a Surface Phone by now – and it would’ve failed.

      It’s fun to think about what might’ve been if they’d made Windows 8 a mobile OS and gone all-in on phones being the seat of personal computing. But that strategy would’ve needed to be executed by 2008 at the absolute latest, and it wasn’t. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Bill___A

      Without an app store, it was doomed. Regardless of how nice a phone it was.

  • makeittalk

    Nokia was Ballmer’s folly. Dumb, stupid move that was doomed to fail. Nadella is still cleaning up after Ballmer’s mess. He’s right – no point competing where you’ve already lost from the start. If you’re going to play, make sure you have something that makes it worthwhile for people to buy your product. Otherwise, don’t waste your time or money. A pragmatic and realistic view. I became a Mac when Ballmer took over. Now, since Nadella changed Microsoft’s direction, I really like what I see in Microsoft. Enough even to return in the near future. Clearly, the MFST price reflects the market’s judgement on what Nadella is doing.

  • Bill___A

    This was one of these things that I as an outsider could easily tell was not a good idea. It does not surprise me at all that Mr. Nadella would feel this way. We have two phone ecosystems – Apple and Android That’s probably the way it is going to stay for awhile. I do like and use the Microsoft iOS apps.