iPhone X Canadian carrier 2-year pricing revealed


  • Croc Ography

    That’s an awful lot for ‘more of the same’.

  • Leif Shantz

    Too much money for a overpriced fruit phone, even with a contract. Why get this while you can get a unlocked OnePlus 5 for the same price and not be on a 2 year contract! You can save $20/month or go with Public Mobile for even better deals for BYOP!

    • Dimitri

      Do not make fun of the GTA 5 iFruit Phone!!!! LOL

    • BG

      Why? Lots of reasons:

      1. You don’t want android and are part of the iOS / macOS ecosystem
      2. You want wireless charging
      3. You want face ID
      4. You want a dual cam with dual OIS
      5. You want the fastest cpu on the planet
      6. You want an amoled display
      7. You want 256GB of storage
      8. Money is not an issue
      9. You want to make Tim Cook even richer
      10. The X is magical

      Just a few reasons off the top of my head

    • samsvoc

      11. You have more dollar$ than sense.

    • John Lofwire

      Let me rephrase those for you to paint the reality.

      1- You dont want more for your money and are a prisoner of the golden cage.
      2- You want what everyone else have for years.
      3- You want a Gimmick features that might or might not work depending on many circonstances.
      4-Refere to number 1 if you have a prisoner indeed if you want to take good picture its the only alternatives.
      5- fastest mobile phone cpu 😉
      6- want a second tech amoled inferior to latest android amoled ( brightness ect )
      7- You want 256 gb of storage because you cannot use external cards.
      8- Love to spend your money on inferior product.
      9- You want to make Tim Crook even richer.
      10 – The X is even more magical on samsung upcoming folding phone named Galaxy X 😉

    • BB BB

      And still want horrible email search, broken ios11 office 365 Activesync, #notchgate, #facegate #applehate

  • Will Maitner

    $800 ON CONTRACT? Yeah, no..

  • Vinay Bhat

    Add $200 more for Premium plans.

    • pegger1

      Add $200 more for the phone, but the plan is $240 cheaper over 2 years.

  • Dimitri

    Ian. Premium plans ( not +) are $999 on a 2yr term. So If you do not want to switch, then you pay $1,000 + taxes in store to get the phone that date on a contract. So are you and everyone else willing to pay $799 + taxes in store upfront on a 2yr + plan / $999 + taxes for the Premium plan ( Not +). The have not posted that pricing but when u go call and speak to any mamager / rep they will tell you.

    Also do not compare the Note 8 pricing with the iPhone X. Note 8 has more to offer for that pricing. It has a bigger screen then the iPhone X, Bigger battery, S-Pen, Fast charging adapter INCLUDED ( unlike Apple requires u to buy it separately), SD card slot built in and more. Even though the Note 8 its still overpriced, its still offers more then the iPhone.

    So the pricing of the X is more because of the CAD dollar and the Apple name. Nothing else really.

    • Orage42

      But the Note has the wrong OS, a bad software update schedule, and an outdated processor.


    • Dimitri

      Bad software update schedule is done from the carriers and we all know this. If you buy it straight from Samsung, u will get it up up to date or a bit later vs carrier ones which take months.

      That being said. I won’t sit here and argue about a ” processor” as they all do the same job. Just because people believe Apples bs about how its the best processor in the world doesn’t make it any better. No matter if it’s apples processor or the Note 8 one it still does the same job the exact same way. So speeds of a processor shouldn’t matter unless u are trying to show off that u have a tad bit better processor then the rest. Thats what people do.

    • ciderrules

      Spotted another person who knows nothing about processors or software coding

    • Dimitri

      Thats good. Enough time in your hands to go around telling others off but not enough time to have a family or spend out. Goodbye!

    • John Lofwire

      Dont feed the apple troll 🙂
      They wont listen to reason and will always give more and more excuses.. i started to block them to be truthfull.

    • Dimitri

      Yeah i just block them right now. Getting tired of coming here and always having to arguing with them or read their posts attack others.

      Staff should really pay attention to this instead of ignoring it.

    • John Lofwire

      Nothing wrong with attacking someone based on realistic reasons.
      But they usually have no ground at all..

    • thereasoner

      I’m thinking that they use a VPN so they can’t be blocked by the site. They should have been banned a long time ago.

    • Dimitri

      Most likely but hey what can we do. We can only report them and hope staff actually do their jobs for once with users.

    • thereasoner

      I do see their comments wiped from time to time but what’s really needed is for Disqus to ban the accounts. That said, they’ll just be back with a different name anyways. Ciderrules for example has backup Disqus accounts and he occasionally changes the names on them so he can get his attention fix.

      The only way to really solve the problem of trolls like him, it’s Me etc. is to require users to identify themselves by using a Facebook plugin like other sites have already done. It’s not fool proof either but generally the discourse is more respectful and civilized on those threads.

    • samsvoc

      Dude, you spend all your time on the Roger’s forum!

    • Dimitri

      Yes however That’s helping customers in need.. Not telling people off, calling them names and or troll.

      Also i take my own time to make threads during reservations / pre orders, and give any questions that are needed.

      Some thing that user doesn’t. I take my own time to help others and give others a thread in need to get answers in. So that’s the difference.

      Doubt any other user on here would spend their own time helping others out for the past 4/5 years making threads like I have or help out without calling anyone names or troll or anything like he has.

      Just making a point here.

    • samsvoc

      I don’t see how the poster was name calling, just stated his opinion of your replies. Don’t be so thin skinned. Use the ignore option.

    • Dimitri

      That’s true. Look at his replies to others though. You will see how he responded to others when saying their opinions or their posts. He does it alot.

      He also attacked me on another post a while back and said Apple nor any apple fans didn’t say what i posted ( that they invented things) yet when Tim Cook said it and I posted it back to him as a reply, didn’t get one message back and got ignored. Same when I proved that some have said it. Shows alot about him anyways

      I blocked him anyways.

    • JoMore

      Dude you have like 15 posts on this thread alone and a bunch are multi paragraphs. How much time do you spend commenting online? This comment is the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Dimitri

      Your comment isn’t calling the kettle black at all actually.

      Half of the comments are made either towards him or Ian and 2 comments are made towards the other user saying how his neighbour knows the manufacturing pricing of the X.

      It doesn’t matter how much time I spend on here or online making comments. Actually I don’t sit there and call anyone names, troll or other like he does. So keep thinking what you want there.

      This is about a user sitting there trolling people / calling them names and start a fight on various different tech site pages and some are blind to see it.

    • JoMore

      You need to chill out bud, you seem really stressed out… Take your own advice and leave the keyboard alone, and go outside, it’s nice out 🙂

    • Dimitri

      Thanks “Bud” :).

    • Domino67

      Actually Dimitri is being pretty “chill”….

      Asswipes like Ciderdrools are always calling people trolls, liars, hypocrites etc…..

    • John Lofwire

      even 2 years old phone can run anything with no lag and open app super fast.

      Android is much more flexible and less limited so wrong OS is a question of point of view and needs for me iOS is limited and make me feel like using windows 3.1

      Ah the good old update crap. Any android from 2.3.5 to new android can run 99% of all app.
      They can all use security software some with detection rate of 100%
      Its not like some fruit OS that you never know what security hole you have because Apple do not allow developper to report security hole to media or on the web until its patched ( ios had same security hole as stage fright on android for years lol )

      I take security into my own hand instead of having a false sense of security lol.

    • Domino67

      Google Play Services……We get updates to the apps as opposed to a wholesale OS update.

      This means OLDER phones get updated all the time as the core components are seperated out.

    • BB BB

      Deals are even better on the S8+ too. Maybe it doesn’t have 6GB of ram or dual cameras but it’s practically $0 for the S8 without that hideous notch on the screen or camera bump on the back.

    • Dimitri

      Exactly! I got my S8+ back when it was launched ( pre ordered it) for $99 with a trade in offer ( $150 off on my Z30 which was beat up lol).

      With all the other phones having amazing deals, I doubt many will spend $800-$1,000 upfront for a phone on a 2yr term.

  • Jason

    You can buy cars cheaper than the X

    • Marshall Davidson

      What car? A piece of junk in the scrap heap for parts? Get real

    • Dimitri

      A car with really high millage, most likely rusted on the side or bottom, needs more fixing then what you paid for. So reality is that yes u will but you will need to invest more money to fix it or lose money and part it out and junk it.

    • FTR_Part_deux

      If you’re friends with a dealership, you should see how much they pay for a car that’s traded in and then see how much they end up selling to the public. So yes, one can buy a car cheaper than the iPhone X and not be a complete 5hitbox.

    • Dimitri

      That is true. However not many are so to a normal joe, its not. In the end it varies. I have seen cars worth it but most cars are not.

    • FTR_Part_deux

      Always room to negotiate…if you see a car on a lot selling for $3500, chances are, the dealership paid less than $1000 for it. A Mercedes on the lot for $25k, prob paid around $10k. I’d say it’s prob around 100% markups on trade-ins and also dependent on supply and demand.

    • John Lofwire

      I purchased a old 2009 hyundai santafee for my wife 4 years ago.
      Limited edition with all the bell and whistles.

      At 7500$ its was a great buy ( just paid it fully at start )
      4 years not a single issue beside changing brake pad and oil changes.

      IF you prefer to pay more its your choice.

    • Dimitri

      That’s true. My parents bought a 2009 GMC Acadia SLE ( sports package included) for $9,700 last year and within a year nothing other then the normal oil change, filter change and brakes.

      As u said, you pay more u will get more value as well. Depends on how the car was kept by the previous owner of course.

    • BB BB

      The new iPhone X can be donated like kidney cars they will tow it for free and give you a $300 tax receipt.

    • Captain Pokemon

      I definitely won’t buy any car that costs less than an Iphone X. I don’t know if I’ll reach the point B.

  • FTR_Part_deux

    I’ve been a Mac user for almost 20 years…started with Mac OS 8 and was so happy when Mac OS9 came out…then Mac OSX was released and the days of dual booting were normal on a daily basis. So yes, call me an Apple fan but…that is some serious sticker shock and this is something that isn’t on my list of needs to get. I could find more important things to spend my $1000 on.

    • Captain Pokemon

      There is always iPhone 8 to consider. I

    • FTR_Part_deux

      Ya, I think that might be the the path to take when my 6s+ bites the dust. I still don’t want to be without my beloved headphone jack…it’s much more convenient for me compared to Apple’s solution to use headphone dongle.

    • Captain Pokemon

      I abandoned headphone jack 2 years ago. I am still with my 6s and still looks pretty good but tempting to get the 8 plus.

    • Domino67

      The Galaxy S8 is something you should consider.

      It has an earphone jack, water proof, 5.8″ screen, no goofy screen notch etc….

      The apple phone X is nearly a virtual copy of the Galaxy S8 and is also quite a bit less expensive.

    • FTR_Part_deux

      Thanks for the suggestion. My parents got a S7 Edge last year and they’ve been really happy with it. For them, being able to snap pics and send to family was very easy for them. Making the odd phone call here and there doesn’t hurt either.

      For myself, I enjoy the gapless album playback on the iPhone. For so versions of Android, that feature was never available that I stopped looking. I’m not sure if the latest version of Android supports that feature. It may seem like a small feature to some, but I enjoy my music and live recordings.

    • Domino67

      I fully understand….It is annoying when the crowd is cheering and then a half second blank air before the next track starts.

      Just a cursory view shows there are some music player apps that support gapless play and Google Play Music may support gapless play.

  • Captain Pokemon

    It you happens to be in Delaware or Oregon state, you can buy it for $999 US without taxes. That will be around 1,250 Canadian.

  • Bstar1975

    I came here to see people people slam other people for making choices with their money .. was not disappointed. 🙂

  • ciderrules

    iPhone X 256GB for me is only $399 on a 2 year plan. Unlimited Canada and US calling, unlimited texts, and all the rest included plus 12GB data and I Pay $87 Plus tax per month.

    Too bad I can only get 1 at that price.

    • Bstar1975

      Eastlink will likely offer something similar on their Easytab .. 50$ a month added to your bill for two years (with $0 down) or less with money up front.

  • Ernie

    This is crazy. If you want to buy it outright. It will cost you a bank loan lol

    • Garrett Cooper

      You need a bank loan for $1500? Don’t get me wrong, I’d never pay that for a phone though….

    • jay

      Hey man nice picture lol

  • Jonathon__Lucas

    My neighbour works for Rogers as an electrical engineer. He told me they build those iPhones for less than $100…… makes everyone that owns one feel like an iChump!

    • Dimitri

      How would he know if the phone isn’t even out yet? Even if he has a prototype which I doubt he does, the OLED display that Samsung charges is half of the price of the total of the device to built and add now all the other components which are new to the iPhone which brings the cost more. Then add the sensor, battery, housing and such. In the end they market it up way high to make profit that is true. However what ur saying makes no sense.

      Give and take its around $250-$350. If i remember correctly, the iPhone 7 Plus costed nearly $225 to built per unit.

      EDIT – Here is what the iPhone 7 costed to built.

      ” Research firm IHS has conducted its yearly teardown of the iPhone 7, and found that the materials that make up Apple’s latest flagship cost an estimated $224.80.”

      So don’t know if your friend there has any clue what he is saying…

    • NotARogersEmployee

      The bill of materials for the iPhone X is not a secret, it’s actually north of $400 USD.

      But why would you feel like a chump? People pay outrageous markups for popcorn, coffee, name brand medicine, etc. If a person feels like they got their money’s worth, what does it matter to you?

    • Dimitri

      His neighbour has no clue and just making stuff up and he believes it. So I wouldn’t even bother.

      The problem is that it’s not worth the $1,529 price tag here in Canada. It may not be able doing it ( because our dollar isn’t good either). Thousand in Ontario are complaining about no jobs / minimum wage going up and hours getting cut and that they have no money to pay for anything yet spend this much on a phone. Then they complain about how they can’t do anything. They buy phones every single year or 6 months to show off. It’s not a need. It’s a want with those people. Need and want are 2 different things many forget.

      Some that can afford it, can go ahead and pay for it but it’s not worth that price tag. Let alone any smartphone that’s over $1,000 isn’t. I know some that have the money and want to buy it but again it’s not a need. They have a 7 Plus or even the S8+ and rather spend more money for another phone. It’s a want not a need.

    • Jesse

      100 bucks? That’s a lie. The iPhone 8 is around $280 usd I believe. That’s just for the parts. Doesnt include R&D, shipping and handling… etc.

    • h2oflyer

      Electrical engineer… what’s that. ?

  • Raj Singh

    The iPhone 10 is so innovative. All those new features. Totally worth 1,500 dollars.

    • pvanb

      You might even say it’s value priced.

    • Domino67


  • sk

    Does anybody know if virgin is going to get this ?

  • Dimitri

    Hey Ian you made a huge mistake. Didn’t know we went back to 2014 lol.

    ” Update 26/09/17: Telus has listed the iPhone 6 pricing will start at $600 on a $95 per month on a 2-year plan.

    Read more at Mobilesyrup : iPhone X Canadian carrier 2-year pricing revealed”

  • Manuel

    I’ve never owned an iPhone before, so please forgive me if I’m missing something. But if:
    – the outright cost of the phone is $1319
    – a 7GB plan is around $56 per month in Quebec if you BYOP (Fido)
    – a similar plan on Premium+ with Rogers is $87 per month, a difference of $31 per month

    Then isn’t it more expensive to buy it through Rogers? 599 + (31*24 months) = $1343. This is… not good?

  • jay

    Remember the iPhone 6 was it around 720$ when it came out and with the exchange rate the price went up. Now we have to pay 1300$? While the states pay 1000$? Should ask my boss for a pay increase around 20% should be fine.
    In north’s America they may can do that but the rest of the world will just skip it. My friends in Europe never owned an iPhone. Because to limited and to expensive.

  • Tony Shi

    Ok, no, it’s a good thing that I sold my imac and moving back to windows. These price are just rediculous. Apple is going down a spiral. They would rather sell less but make more, than to sell more. It’s time to part way. It will be painful to switch but you are making me do it

  • Lentrll Mectkey

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