DxOMark has updated and revamped its testing parameters for smartphone cameras

HTC U11 is now tied with the Google Pixel


  • It’s Me

    Is a new OnePlus due out soon? Now that they are paying dxoMark there was some expectation that would update their testing methodology as a result.

    • Felix

      It’s been out for awhile.

    • It’s Me

      Yeah, just wondering if another is expected now that the tests have been rejigged.

  • Lion5

    Looking forward to test results for the Note 8, V30, and iPhones.

  • ciderrules

    “Within the last few months DxO has gathered data on how people use their smartphone cameras in 2017, resulting in a new testing and scoring system that aims to better reflect how people use their smartphone cameras.”

    So the score isn’t based on the absolute performance of the camera, but performance in the tasks that people they’re collecting from
    Use most after. Seems legit. /S

    • Domino67

      As usual you are grasping at straws.

      We get it you’re crying because apple phones scores dropped/others raised.

      You know if you didn’t tie your self worth to an electronics company maybe you could have a real and fulfilling life.

    • ciderrules

      Actually, you’re the one tied to a company. Apple owns you as your entire life revolves around posting useless comments in Apple articles.

    • Domino67

      Ooooooh the old I am rubber you’re glue argument.

      Time to grow up there Ciderdrools!

  • Brad Fortin

    What a coincidence that under the old methodology the Google Pixel scored the same as the iPhone 7 Plus, but they decided to wait an entire year and develop a new testing methodology that would grant the Pixel an extra point while taking away a point from the 7 Plus before finally releasing their review of the 7 Plus, which they previously said would be out last October.

    I’m sure it was nothing more than a coincidence, though. Companies delay reviews of flagship devices for almost a year all the time, right?

    • southerndinner

      The Apple salt factory has arrived