Fido, Virgin and Koodo offer $49/6GB BYOD plans in Quebec

This promo data offer is sweeping Quebec


  • Olav P

    Will Ontario ever get such a deal? *crosses fingers*

    • It’s Me

      No reason to expect it will ever happen.

    • The Finder

      Lol I wish

  • It’s Me

    Koodo has had their 6GB option for a while. Would be nice if they kick it up and match videotron on the higher data tiers too now.

  • The Finder

    Wooooow… Quebec gets some amazing deals. Ontario r u kidding me? This is painful to know. Ahh!

  • Ricky Bobby

    The word “promo” here should be banned unless it’s associated with Quebec or Sasketchewan

  • NoWayHosEH

    Gouging Ontario (Except Ottawa) at its finest!

  • Ghenosis

    The rest of you do a Google search and learn to get these plans anywhere in Canada, and it’s legal as long as you provide your real credentials, which the Koodo system will accept. It’s a system trick, not fraud despite what some will tell you.

    • Ghenosis

      The best part is you save money and the company can not change your plan as it’s against their User Agreement.

  • Whome

    And again this is on of the reasons I switched to Videotron when I had the chance. Will never go back to Rogers Bell or Telus again.

    • The Finder

      Do they have Videotron in Ontario?

    • Whome

      We do in Ottawa.

    • The Finder

      That’s great! It would be nice if they had it in Toronto too.

  • Jon Duke

    I thought it was cheap. 49$ for 6gb. But actually, when I pick a phone on the large tab at Koodo, it’s 49$ + 21$ for the device which means it’s actually 70$. Videotron is 66$. So they win.

  • DownwithRobellus

    “It should be noted that the plans are also available not only to Quebec customers, but to those with Ottawa,
    Ontario, numbers”

    So if I have an Ontario number I could jump on this deal from Videotron?? I thought they don’t operate in Toronto

    • John W

      Think they mean specifically am Ottawa #

    • Alanalan11

      I tried to get Bell to give me this deal last time Videotron dropped prices. They would only give it to me if I changed to a gatineau area code (819). I told them that Videotron was offering to Ottawa customers with 613 areas codes but they didn’t budge. They would only match the price for 12 months. Are the Big Three now offering this plan with a 613 area code?

    • Only for people in and around Ottawa.

    • Alanalan11

      Koodo’s website says only available for Quebec Residents. I don’t see an exception for Otttawa.

    • Derrick Hsiao

      I suspect this is how “https://www.cellphoneman .ca/plans” is able to offer Ontario residents this plan. Maybe by doing the whole switcheroo number trick

  • seinfeldand24

    Question. If i changed my Koodo billing address to an Ottawa location would I be able to call & request this plan? Simple as that?

  • maha yaktine

    Why only in Quebec ?
    It should be the same everywhere
    Here in Alberta we’re paying the highest rate my self I pay pay 73$ a month for 3G
    And limited calling between my kids who has the minimum plan and my self I pay over 200$ a month

  • seinfeldand24

    With an Orleans address and area code I was unable to get the Quebec Plan with Koodo. As a consolation they gave me a $58/mnth unlimited minutes + 5GB plan. Which for Ontario is rather good.

  • bloodless

    I am planning to jump from my Koodo plan (49.00 /month, 1GB+1GB, unlimited minutes/text) to the Videotron plan 50.00 (6GB, unlimited minutes/text) – since I am lucky enough to be in Ottawa.
    It is sad that there’s no way to get the identical plan with Koodo at that price.
    Oh well, it is Koodo’s loss, as I’ll make the switch on August 31st.

  • Dan

    1:41 PM Ge——te:
    No,you would need to have a Quebec area code to get a Quebec plan. 613 is Ontario.

    This is the fido representative answer as of Monday Aug 28 / 2017
    And she add don’t believe everything you read if not coming from fido website