Vidéotron launches new $66, $77, $88 and $99 Premium plan promotions


  • Mitchell Leitman

    Videotron also offers their plans in Ottawa, but the other carriers, when they introduce a competitive plan invariably exclude Ottawa, as they include it with the rest of Ontario.

    • John Lofwire

      You can always move to Quebec 🙂

  • JTon

    Those BYOD plans are attractive.

    • EcE

      Specially seeing the competition. From a related article from a couple of weeks ago (Bell):

      BYOD 43 — Unlimited Canada-wide minutes/1GB for $43. Eligible bundle discount = $5.

      $7 more gets you an additional 5gbs

  • djino

    Although these BYOD prices are great, they are not as good as the promos they have had in the past. It used to be 6GB then 8GB then 10GB then 12GB for the respective plans (6GB, 7GB, 8GB, 9GB) prices available now.