Google’s new app ranking system aims to clean up the Play Store

Apps that are crash-prone and battery hog are now demoted

Google Play Store

Part of what makes Android great is its vibrant and relatively unfiltered Google Play Store.

However this is also one of the platform’s most significant issues; apps that are great often get buried by less than stellar offerings. This is something Google says it has plans to fix by de-ranking apps that run poorly and drain the battery life of Android devices.

“We recently enhanced our search and discovery algorithms to reflect app quality,” said Google Play product manager Andrew Ahn in a blog post. “This results in higher quality apps being surfaced in the Play Store more than similar apps of lower quality (e.g. apps that exhibit more frequent crashes).”

In the same blog post Google also offered tips to programmers regarding ways for them to make their apps snappier, easier on batteries and more stable.

It’s unclear if this shift will actually clean-up the Google Play Store store in a significant way, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Source: Google