Next iPhone rumoured to feature ‘tap to wake,’ ‘attention detection’ and virtual home button


  • Eluder

    I’m thinking attention detection is like Samsung’s feature that keeps the screen from sleeping while the user is looking at it.

  • Jon Duke

    So an Essential phone that see’s you looking at it (like Samsung) and wake on touch (like LG) and runs ios? I’m in!

    • Brad Fortin

      And it’ll do AR like a Tango phone!

    • Jon Duke

      I have to admit, it sounds perfect. I recently switched to the 7 plus because of work and so now that I already live with iOS, all the improvements coming to iOS11 combined with the next iphone is getting me excited!

    • John Lofwire

      Used a 7 plus 128 jetblack for 1 month ( received it free after a training for B2B at Apple place )

      I wanted to trow it in the wall.. gone back to my LG G5 and gave it to my wife lol.

    • Jon Duke

      Really? I’m genuinely interested in knowing why? I’ve been on the Android side of things since the HTC One and sweared I would never go back to iOS. I got one from work and made the switch (with a lot of convincing from my wife and my new boss) and honestly, the OS copied so many things from Android, I barely feel the difference. In all fairness, I stopped rooting my phones a while back and aside from Torrent downloading and installing whatever apks I wanted without passing by the play store, nothing I do is different on the iPhone so far. The notification system is complete garbage on iOS compared to Android but I assume that’ll get better with iOS11 (I hope).

    • John Lofwire

      1 – I have 3 business email in push and the way ios email app handle emails where there is lots of reply its horrible you scroll forever.

      2 – on my LG G5 when i press to take a screenshot i can directly write on it or make circles to show thing to ppl i share the pic with… much harder to do on ios both to take the screen shot ( must have right timing on iOS versus a simple 1 button press on my LG G5 to take the screenshot )

      3 – Built in keyboard is a joke ( no number row on top really? ) and third party one lag too much.

      4- i am a big user of widget like full page calender and inbox…

      5- Camera is way inferior to my LG G5 its not bad per say but i like the end result more on lg G5 and i also use a lots manual options on it.

      I liked the performance ( was sometime a tad faster than my LG G5 )
      The games where good as well ( but again about the same as on my LG G5 )
      I really liked the vibration directly in the screen for some games.

      Its not a bad device per say but as mine used for work mostly the 4 first point where making my life very very difficult.

    • Jon Duke

      I agree. Everything related to Notifications is bad. Same with keyboard. I currently use Swiftkey and when I touch a password field, it forces the Apple keyboard anyways. It’s a small thing but it’s just dumb to me. And Boy do I miss widgets!

    • John Lofwire

      Its all question of needs.
      for mine ios dont deliver.

      hardware speaking i had nothing to say fast and good design with good battery life.

  • TheCuddlyKoala

    Sorry fandroids

    • thereasoner

      It’s okay, no need to apologize, everyone is used to Apple copying by now.

    • ciderrules

      You mean like your Pixel copying the iPhone 3GS? Nothing like waiting 7 years for a major feature. Welcome to 2009.

    • Garrett Cooper

      What did the Pixel copy from the 3GS?

    • John Lofwire

      Dont feed the apple fanatic troll 🙂

  • Danny Account

    Wow this is old technology.

  • John Lofwire

    so its know if you look at the screen…. and tap to wake..

    Such innovation.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    “5 years Later” (said in french voice)