Here’s why the SNES Classic might not be available for pre-order yet in the U.S. and Canada

SNES Classic

Soon after the SNES Classic was announced, pre-orders for the pint-sized console went live in the U.K and other countries in Europe — U.S. and Canadian pre-orders, however, are still nowhere to be found, which is strange given the demand for the console.

MobileSyrup is expecting Canadian pre-orders for the SNES Classic to be available at Amazon, Toys R Us and Wal-Mart, as well as perhaps a few other retailers.

Nintendo Life is reporting that U.S. pre-orders for the SNES Classic have not gone live yet due to a lack of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval for the device. The FCC ensures that all electronic gadgets in the U.S. that generate electromagnetic interference operate within safe limits.

According to the publication’s sources, the SNES Classic is still waiting in limbo for FCC approval. Microsoft’s Xbox One X is in a similar situation with U.S. and Canadian pre-orders still not available because of the same reason.

Given the FCC only governs the American market and that Canada has its own regulatory body called Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), it’s possible that pre-orders for the SNES Classic, as well as the Xbox One X, could go live before our U.S. counterparts.

It’s also likely that whatever is holding up FCC certification for the SNES Classic is also resulting in a delay in Industry Canada certification.

The SNES Classic’s predecessor, the NES Classic, was difficult to hunt down following its release, with the system going for hundreds of dollars above listing price on the grey market. To Nintendo’s credit, the Japanese tech giant says it plans to have significantly more SNES Classic consoles available in comparison to the NES Classic.

When SNES Classic pre-orders to finally go live in Canada expect them to be available in limited supply.

Source: Nintendo Life