OnePlus shows off OnePlus 5, confirms dual camera


  • Collin dubya


    • Nauman.Choudhry

      We know it will be higher then the 3T. I am hoping it is not $100-150 higher.

  • Nauman.Choudhry

    I will likely buy this device, all these teases just hurry up and launch it

  • Canadiana Jones

    Bleh, switching to this iPhone clone from 3T would definitely defy NEVER SETTLE slogan.

  • AMB_07

    Does it come with its obligatory 1 ½ year of botched support?

  • Dimitri

    Pretty sure Apple is laughing at them and also making a court case on this. Let’s see!

  • Erwin_Ign

    hehehe I had high hopes for the OnePlus until they start copying, they’re slogan is not conform with the norm but I guess they’re scrapping that idea now and straight to conforming

    • Laer

      I think people are really looking for decent hardware, better pricing, and something with unlocked bootloader that supports customization.

      The “black slab” effect doesn’t play a roll for what I believe their target market actually is.

  • Omar

    Meh. Fortunately the OnePlus 3T is such a great phone that it’ll last me a few years, like the One did. I feel like this phone is going to flop because of price and design.

  • Omar

    At least it has a headphone jack.

  • Shiun Lee

    We’ll see if its a “Flagship Killer” if the price is right…..

    • Omar

      Looks like an iPhone, will probably be priced like an iPhone.

  • Brad Fortin

    It’s pretty disappointing that they’ve gone with “generic slab” as their design.

    • Dharmesh

      I actually for one like the idea, there are alot of people who simply want an all black completely stealth looking phone, this is as close as you can get. Now if it was only smaller

    • Donovan

      When everything from the shape of the antenna bands, to the placement of the camera, flash, and logo are clearly “inspired” by a certain other phone, it becomes a little disheartening.

  • Zemaion

    Not sure will bite considering the price is likely going to bet $700+ Canadian. Even the OP3T was a bit too high at $600 imo and the price just keeps going up until it’s on par with the iphone/galaxy s launch prices. I was able to get a S7 for under $500 with the Samsung trade in promo for my OPO plus the gear fit 2 added in as a bonus. OPO/OP2, Nexus 4/5 were what the real flagship killers used to be like. Now it’s just a regular flagship